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DateNewsletter title
12/26/20222023 forecast, hard money lending and encroachment timeframes
12/19/2022Diminishing demand, diverse teams and encroachments.
12/12/2022MLOs pivot to investors, underwater homeowners and encroachments.
12/5/2022MLO survival strategies and your Monthly Statistical Update
11/28/2022Your MLO recession survival guide, plus equal pay for equal work
11/21/2022Your MLO recession guide, plus soaring mortgage payments
11/14/2022Housing recession, lender layoffs and homeownership gaps
11/7/2022Low turnover, high prices and avoiding bias in renting.
10/31/2022Recession signals in your Monthly Statistical Update.
10/24/2022Recession-proofing, advising clients and death disclosures.
10/17/2022Long-term rates, commercial trends and bias in advertising.
10/10/2022Home sales gasp for air, and our new JargonDrop game.
10/3/2022Your Implicit Bias training and Monthly Statistical Update.
9/26/2022Collapsing builder confidence, local reforms and housing bias.
9/19/2022Changing economics, home prices pivot and fair housing laws.
9/12/2022Agent recession strategies and breaking down implicit bias
9/5/2022Home sales and inventory crumble, plus equity purchase principles.
8/29/2022California's riskiest housing markets, plus precarious ARMs.
8/22/2022Mortgage applications evaporate, and terminating an agency.
8/15/2022Timing the market and anemic rental vacancy rates.
8/8/2022Home sales volume and consumer sentiment backslides.
8/1/2022Watch the undeclared recession in your Monthly Statistical Update.
7/25/2022New CE requirements for licensees, and real estate compliance.
7/18/2022California's NIMBY strike force, plus business and licensed activities.
7/11/2022NAR's antitrust woes resurface, and sales volume takes a dive.
7/4/2022Commercial property rebounds, and your Monthly Statistical Update.
6/27/2022Learn about Gen Z homebuyer preferences and wildfire risk.
6/20/2022Seller price cuts, the Fed's rate hike and shared responsibilities for common boundaries.
6/13/2022Adjustable rate mortgages trend, sales volume slumps and disclosing mortgage terms.
6/6/2022Investment cap rates, build-to-rent and maintaining common boundary improvements.
5/30/2022Surviving the recession, your Monthly Statistical Update and extinguishing an easement.
5/23/2022California's population declines, purchasing power plummets, and disclosing fire risks.
5/16/2022REO property resurgence, ADU popularity and easements by necessity and prescription.
5/9/2022Slowing sales volume, foreclosure discrimination and establishing an implied easement.
5/2/2022Streaming your Monthly Statistical Update, zoning feuds, and easement grants and reservations.
4/25/2022New continuing education requirements, double-dip recession and easement classifications.
4/18/2022First-time homebuyers struggle, California mortgage relief and rights in another’s property.
4/11/2022Property management resources, slowing sales volume and fair housing compliance.
4/4/2022Interest rate hike fallout, your Monthly Statistical Update, steering and blockbusting.
3/28/2022Real estate education fraud, agent population and state and federal fair housing laws.
3/21/2022Rising home prices, inflation and the conflicts of interest under less common listing agreements.
3/14/2022Investor mania, mortgage delinquencies forecast and net listings for sellers.
3/7/2022Agent compensation, your Monthly Statistical Update and risky open listing agreements.
2/28/2022Home price forecast, the remote appraisal revolution and open listings.
2/21/2022Homestead laws, appraiser designated officers and the right-to-buy listing agreement.
2/14/2022Homeowner turnover, minority mortgage applicants and fee triggers in listing agreements.
2/7/2022Commercial vacancies, your Monthly Statistical Update and listing agreements.
1/31/2022Rising rates, anti-discrimination and the two distinct legal aspects under a listing agreement.
1/24/2022Dwindling household savings, rising home equity and an agent's right to a fee.
1/17/2022Behind the mortgage industry, energy improvements and acting on a client's behalf.
1/10/2022Sales volume, new affordable housing laws and the Notice of Nonresponsibility.
1/3/2022New laws for 2022, your Monthly Statistical Update and curing damage from pests.
DateNewsletter title
12/27/212022 forecast, recruitment strategies and types of real estate fixtures.
12/20/21Fed accelerates rates plans, mortgage history and the Pest Control Certification.
12/13/21Sales volume dips, new construction slows and duties of a pest control operator.
12/6/21LIBOR expiration, mortgage originations and the Standardized Pest Inspection Report.
11/29/21Zillow Offers, your Monthly Statistical Update and the Structural Pest Control report.
11/22/21Forbearance exits, the Great Resignation and the home inspection report.
11/15/21Mortgage fraud, underappraisals and home inspector qualifications.
11/8/21Bond taper begins, September home sales and the risk mitigation of a home inspection.
11/1/21Sticky inflation, your Monthly Statistical Update and death disclosures.
10/25/21Supply chain disruptions, seller demographics and death disclosures.
10/18/21Aging in place, property taxes leap and leasehold improvement provisions.
10/11/2021Home sales volume, slow jobs recovery and ownership rights when a tenant vacates.
10/4/2021Cryptocurrency, your Monthly Statistical Update and changing tenancies.
9/27/2021Updated COVID-19 eviction forms, recovering rent revenue and tenancies-at-will.
9/20/2021Forbearance exits, industrial sector growth and periodic tenancies.
9/13/2021Fed's bond taper, cost-burdened renters and tenancies as leasehold estates.
9/6/2021Federal infrastructure bill, your Monthly Statistical Update and easements.
8/30/2021Federal eviction moratorium, water shortages limiting development and special use leases.
8/23/2021Homeowners trading up, falling home sales and the types of tenant leasehold estates.
8/16/2021Pending sales slide, homeowner demographics and life and leasehold estates.
8/9/2021Record-high agent fees, brand management and ownership concepts.
8/2/2021Rent-or-buy comparison, your Monthly Statistical Update and federal versus state law.
7/26/2021Investors return, 2020 recession and California's constitutional powers.
7/19/2021Inflated home prices, income categories and California's authority to legislate.
7/12/2021Natural hazards disclosures, agent power base and critical real estate legislation.
7/5/2021Moratorium extension, your Monthly Statistical Update and real estate law fundamentals.
6/28/2021Fastest-growing cities, moratorium extensions and referral fees by brokers.
6/21/2021Bidding wars, anti-discrimination practices and indirect referral kickbacks.
6/14/2021Missed housing payments, rising rents and RESPA kickback penalties.
6/7/2021Suburban rush, fair housing regulations and projections vs. forecasts.
5/31/2021Luxury home sales, your Monthly Statistical Update and agent opinions.
5/24/2021The stimulus effect, the importance of fair housing laws and opinions vs guarantees.
5/17/2021Mortgage boom, appraisers reflect the market and delivering the Natural Hazard Disclosure.
5/10/2021DRE license renewal extension, trust fund handling and investigating natural hazards.
5/3/2021Eviction moratorium, your Monthly Statistical Update and Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD).
4/26/2021Fee transparency, dual agency versus subagency and indirect earthquake damage.
4/19/2021Vaccine market boost, infrastructure investment and disclosure of seismic hazards.
4/12/2021Government aid, agency relationships and very high fire hazard severity zones.
4/5/2021Record low inventory, ethics transparency and disclosure of flood dangers.
3/29/2021Declining homeownership, agency rules for listings and the natural hazard disclosure.
3/22/2021Interest rates and standards, broker supervision and lead-based paint hazards.
3/15/2021Delinquent homeowners, agency relationships and asbestos in construction materials.
3/8/2021Foreclosure moratorium, Civil Rights Act and an agent's visual inspection.
3/1/2021Your monthly statistical update, licensing fundamentals and environmental hazards.
2/22/2021Competitive markets, 2020 commercial report and deficiency judgments.
2/15/2021Consumer sentiment, reduced turnover and redemption after judicial foreclosure.
2/8/2021Domestic migration, termite damage and mortgage disclosures.
2/1/2021Anti-accrual protections, your Monthly Statistical Update and the certificate of sale.
1/25/2021Cash sales, moratorium updates and the notice of judicial sale.
1/18/20212020 renter report, property technology and the foreclosure decree.
1/11/2021Home prices, affordable housing legislation and suing to foreclose.
1/4/2021Foreclosure moratorium expiration, and your Monthly Statistical Update.
DateNewsletter title
12/28/20202020 review, 2021 forecast and transferring title at auction.
12/21/2020Stimulus deal, low LTVs and placing the highest bid at a trustee's sale.
12/14/2020Fannie Mae forecast, landlord foreclosures and the notice of trustee's sale.
12/7/2020Moratorium extension, declining originations and notice of defafult.
11/30/2020Appraisal waivers, your Monthly Statistical Update and stages of foreclosure.
11/23/2020Fewer days on the market, NAR antitrust and pre-foreclosure workout.
11/16/2020Qualified mortgage criteria, 2021 tax rates and trust deed participants.
11/9/2020Comercial investors, tax rates and the power-of-sale provision.
11/2/2020New COVID exposure notification law and your Monthly Statistical Update.
10/26/2020State licensee trends, income inequality and shared appreciation mortgages.
10/19/2020Eviction moratorium, Prop 19, graduated payment mortgages and AITDs.
10/12/2020Mortgage Interest Deduction, senior housing and ARMs.
10/5/2020The Homeowner and Small Landlord Relief Act, and fair housing.
9/28/2020Migration destinations, DRE Corrective Action Letter, and installment notes.
9/22/2020COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act forms and eviction moratorium.
9/14/2020Job creation, promissory notes and Legislative Gossip.
9/7/2020Tenant protections, competitive listings and adverse possession.
8/31/2020Foreclosure moratorium, new refinance fees and commercial lending.
8/24/2020Foreclosure crisis, rising prices and quitclaim deeds.
8/17/2020Construction slows, inventory trends and correcting record deeds.
8/11/2020New COVID-19 guidelines, and the qualifications of a capable grantor.
8/3/2020Discrimination, your Monthly Statistical Update and grant deeds.
7/27/2020Prop 13 and minority households, and permanent job losses.
7/20/2020Regional housing goals, LIBOR transition and lender appraisals.
7/13/2020Advertising guidelines, sales volume and RESPA disclosures video.
7/6/2020Housing discrimination, Gen Z homebuyers and eviction protections.
6/29/2020Rent caps under the Tenant Protection Act, and unemployment.
6/22/2020Tenant Protection Act, social distancing and URLA video review.
6/15/2020Rent control, housing insecurity and URLA borrower financial information.
6/8/2020Inflated home prices, market recovery and URLA borrower information.
6/1/2020Your Monthly Statistical Update, digital advertising and URLA tips.
5/25/2020Mortage shopping, home prices and housing indicators.
5/18/2020Recession forecast, mortgage applications and fee splitting.
5/11/2020Home listings, forbearance and escrow disputes.
5/4/2020Forbearance, your Monthly Statistical Update and escrow prorations.
4/27/2020Essential workers, the DRE and crisis legislation.
4/20/2020Fee-generating finder recruits, COVID-19 legislation and closing transactions.
4/13/20202020 recession, sales volume slumps and escrow instructions.
4/6/2020Interest rates, virtual brokerages and escrow basics.
3/30/2020COVID-19, virtual tours and your Monthly Statistical Update.
3/23/2020Foreclosure crisis, interest rates and escrow principles.
3/16/2020Coronavirus update, legislative gossip and appraiser neutrality.
3/9/2020Coronavirus fears, credit monitoring and the appraisal report.
3/2/2020The income appraisal approach and your Monthly Statistical Update.
2/24/2020Estimating replacement cost and depreciation, and consumer sentiment.
2/17/2020Using the cost approach to determine value, and construction declines.
2/10/2020Market comparison approach, housing vouchers and DRE Hot Seat.
2/3/2020Appraiser demographics, residential lot types and reader questions.
1/27/2020Housing density, the appraisal process and Boomer exits.
1/20/2020Appraisal principles, competitive markets and new housing legislation.
1/13/2020Appraisal fundamentals, AVID and legislative gossip.
1/6/2020Appraisals, name recognition and your Monthly Statistical Update.
DateNewsletter title
12/30/20192020 forecast, legislative round-up and trust accounts.
12/23/2019Trust funds, construction and regional housing indicators.
12/16/2019Marketing costs, pocket listings and tax advice.
12/9/2019Advance costs, down payments and ability to repay.
12/2/2019Advance costs, LIBOR and your Monthly Statistical Update.
11/25/2019Supervisors, team leaders and ADU legislation.
11/18/2019Broker disclosure, Latinx homeownership and rent control.
11/11/2019Tariffs, agent and broker opinions and MLO profits.
11/4/2019Fire risks, nontraditional mortgages and your Monthly Statistical Update.
10/28/2019Death disclosures, rent control and agent compensation.
10/21/2019Death disclosures, licensee trends and FHA condo approvals.
10/14/2019Immigration, opinions versus guarantees and Legislative Gossip.
10/7/2019HMDA, broker-controlled escrow and your Monthly Statistical Update.
9/30/2019Senior housing, trade union membership and MLS access.
9/23/2019The coming recession, arbitration law proposal and wildfire risk.
9/16/2019Home sales, agent challenges and your DBO Bulletin Digest.
9/9/2019Homebuyer obstacles, the first offer and DRE Hot Seat.
9/2/2019The URLA redesign and your Monthly Statistical Update.
8/26/2019Bidding wars, rent grace periods and impact fees.
8/19/2019Construction starts, infrastructure and Generation Z homebuyers.
8/12/2019Land prices, lowered LTV requirements and fee splits.
8/5/2019Real estate teams and your Monthly Statistical Update.
7/29/2019Housing recovery, homebuyer regrets and fintech.
7/23/2019Surviving the next recession, and the lowdown on termite insepction.
7/15/2019Understanding the coming recession and first-time homebuyer behavior.
7/8/2019Keller Williams, ADU loan forgiveness and legislative gossip.
7/1/2019Property management, your Monthly Statistical Update and BPPI.
6/24/2019Local licensees, accessory dwelling units and commercial clients.
6/17/2019Gross revenue multiplier, Redfin and DRE complaint resolution.
6/10/2019Selling to investors, SB 50 and CFPB reform.
6/3/2019Falling prices, Zillow, Redfin and your Monthly Statistical Update.
5/27/2019Unlawful referrals, selling costs and home fire safety.
5/20/2019Affordable housing, down payments and new agent apprenticeships.
5/13/2019Affordable housing legislation, Los Angeles rentals and legislative gossip.
5/6/2019Arbitration, DRE Hot Seat and your Monthly Statistical Update.
4/29/2019DRE Bulletin Digest, sanctuary cities and construction trends.
4/22/2019Airbnb, appraiser-agent communication and advertising discrimination.
4/15/2019Cooling markets, avoiding recorded ownership and housing discrimination.
4/9/2019DRE legislative proposal, underwater homes and public MLS access.
4/1/2019Tax changes, legislative gossip and your Monthly Statistical Update.
3/25/2019Prop 13, black homeownership and DRE compliance.
3/18/2019CAR membership costs, student debt and the co-working market.
3/11/20191031 reinvestments, workplace harassment and the largest CA brokerages.
3/4/2019PACE changes, domestic migration and your Monthly Statistical Update.
2/25/2019Prop 13, real estate in divorce and occupancy limitations.
2/18/20192019 laws affecting DRE licensing and property tax refunds.
2/11/2019Growing markets, DRE Bulletin Digest and declining financial optimism.
2/4/2019Rising interest rates, homelessness and your Monthly Statistical Update.
1/28/2019The housing boom, rising interest rates and agent fees.
1/21/2019Agency Law Disclosure, foreign investment and bidding wars.
1/14/20192019 forecast, rising inventory and Prop 2.
1/7/2019Cost-burdened renters, SALT deduction cap and the imminent recession.
DateNewsletter title
12/31/2018International home searches, commercial cannabis and seniors downsizing.
12/24/2018Slowing markets, federal appraisal requirements and disclosing operating expenses.
12/17/2018New 2019 laws, legislative gossip and forecasting the recession.
12/10/2018Interest rates, wire transfer fraud and new 2019 laws.
12/3/2018Unlawful referral fees, insurance changes and home inspection reports.
11/26/2018Surviving the recession, CAR forms and retaining agents.
11/19/2018Renters insurance, building restrictions and first time homebuyer uncertainty.
11/12/20182018 tax changes, DRE Bulletin Digest and profit reporting.
10/15/2018Boomers delay downsizing, homeowner rights and legislative gossip.
10/8/2018Price cuts, agent compensation, and the mortgage interest deduction.
10/1/2018Prop 10, rising mortgage fraud and exploring low-tax states.
9/24/2018DRE violations, homeowner expenses and a financial literacy proposal.
9/17/2018Freddie Mac programs, California housing for teachers and the latest legislative gossip.
9/10/2018An increase in SFR rentals, and a proposed law for transit-oriented housing.
9/3/2018The PACE program's tax problems, and buyer demand for SFRs.
8/27/2018MLO compensation plans, CA turnover rates and a legislative update.
8/20/2018Online listing aggregators, buying versus renting and consumer privacy rules.
8/13/2018DOJ's oversight of NAR ending, and community land trusts.
8/6/2018Creative financing for first-time homebuyers, and the FHFA's credit score overhaul.
7/30/2018New LIBOR replacement, and housing costs lowering birth rates.
7/23/2018New energy standards in CA, and guidance for VA mortgages.
7/16/2018Wayne Bell's role as commissioner ends, and gentrification in CA.
7/9/2018DRE's code of ethics, and proposed changes to the Volcker Rule.
7/2/2018Dodd-Frank rollback, a 2020 recession and advertising tips.
6/25/2018The DRE's missing Code of Ethics, and CA's inventory crunch.
6/18/2018What clients want from their agent, and loan originator compensation rules.
6/11/2018Avoiding a DRE audit, and CAR's use of membership dues for lobbying.
6/4/2018How to enforce section 8 contracts, and online brokerages become investors.
5/28/2018HUD's shifting fair housing goals, and telemarketing regulations for MLOs.
5/21/2018Disbursement of agent fees, and updates to TRID disclosure timelines.
5/14/2018Affordable housing laws, selling obstacles and a legislative update.
5/7/2018GSE reform, and the decline of homeownership.
4/30/2018Updates on the CAR/PDFfiller antitrust suit, and costs holding sellers back.
4/23/2018Projecting Millennial household formations, and how to become a landlord.
4/16/201816 economic factors to rise with interest rates, and condo rental rules.
4/9/2018Ballot initiatives to amend Prop 13, and CA's eminent domain issues.
4/2/2018Real estate agent fee structures, and legislative updates.
3/26/2018Our NEW 2018 tax page, and regional housing updates.
3/19/2018The effects of Trump's tariffs and the proposed CalExit on CA real estate.
3/12/2018Zillow's influence on the market and sharing your input with DRE.
3/5/2018Clarification for unlicensed real estate activity, and CA's hottest housing markets.
2/26/2018MID changes in 2018, and the top bidding war strategies.
2/19/20182018 tax bracket changes, and questioning the exclusivity of the MLS.
2/12/20182018 tax deductions and arguing for looser zoning.
2/5/2018Trump's effect on housing, and an analysis of demand and inventory.
1/29/2018Higher education boosts CA housing, and CA's lack of affordable construction.
1/22/2018CFPB rollbacks, and CA's overburdened renters.
1/15/20182017 in review, and 10 reasons your listings don't sell.
1/8/2018SFR rentals in CA, and Millennial demand for more space.
1/1/2018All about radon in homes, and CA's next recession.
DateNewsletter title
12/25/2017The demographics of CA migrants, and year-end tasks.
12/18/2017Californians leaving after tax reform, and why you should pay your property taxes now.
12/11/2017Why the tax plan threatens affordable housing, and legislative updates.
12/4/2017How tax reform affects housing, and ensuring quality real estate education.
11/27/2017Mandatory arbitration is back, and proposed tax code changes.
11/20/2017The CFPB director's resignation and the end of DACA.
11/13/2017How CA's wildfires affect housing, and referrals from unlicensed assistants.
11/6/2017The DRE's return saving licensees millions, and CA's recovery.
10/30/2017CA's vanishing middle class, and how education affects homeownership.
10/23/2017New broker-associate rules, and the CalBRE returns to the DRE.
10/16/201710 features of a successful real estate website, and more.
10/9/2017Demand continues to grow and a review of smoke alarm rules.
10/2/2017Graduated zoning for housing shortages, and the MID's failures.
9/25/2017CA's affordable housing legislation, and becoming a notary public.
9/18/2017FAQs about USDA mortgages, and using a transaction coordinator.
9/11/2017The construction worker shortage, and repealing Dodd-Frank.
9/4/2017Arbitration limits for consumer finance, and our NEW video feature.
8/28/2017Gathering investment property info, and CA's low inventory.
8/21/2017Gathering investment property info, and CA's low inventory.
8/7/2017Small-time investors struggle in CA, and marketing package forms.
7/31/2017Gathering investment property info, and CA's low renter turnover.
7/24/2017CA moving patterns, and the threat of rising sea levels.
7/17/2017First-time buyers overpay for their homes, and Legislative Gossip updates.
7/10/2017California's unique economy, and communication skills in real estate.
7/3/2017How a new lumber tariff affects housing, and valuation tips.
6/26/2017Broker fees across CA, and why CA homebuyers are leaving.
6/19/2017Criminal activity that prevents licensure, and a syndication question.
6/12/2017How immigration affects construction costs, and L.A.'s Small Lot Ordinance.
6/5/2017Preventing closing delays, and saving for a down payment.
5/29/2017Comparing CA's home prices, and avoiding flaky sellers.
5/22/2017Automating real estate services, and CalBRE's Complaint Resolution Program.
5/15/2017A guide to email FARMing, and a Legislative Update.
5/8/2017Why CA buyers need to own longer, and CalBRE updates.
5/1/2017How interest rates impact commercial RE, and buyer demand trends.
4/24/2017Advice on international clients, and MLO do-not-call rules.
4/17/2017Inflation's impact on 2017's housing market, and a Legislative Update.
4/10/2017The risks of pocket listings, and HELOC interest rates.
4/3/2017The CFPB's forecasting tool, and CalBRE's alert for broker-controlled escrows.
3/27/2017CA's growing home sizes, and a Legislative Update.
3/20/2017Prop 13's pitfalls, and the new URLA's demographic supplement.
3/13/2017The low-tier housing shortage, and obstacles to refinancing short-term rentals.
3/6/2017Regions with the highest failure-to-close rates, and a foreclosure update.
2/27/2017How mass deportation and the MID affect California real estate.
2/20/2017Our updated economic timeline, and Legislative Gossip for February.
2/13/2017CalBRE's latest bulletin, and contingency timelines for disclosures.
2/6/2017Reporting escrow activity, and providing tax advice to clients.
1/30/2017Landlord liability for crime, and setting the buyer's agent's fee.
1/23/2017Warranty of habitability, and our NEW career guides and infographics library.
1/16/20178 things clients want you to know, and our 2016 Legislative Review.
1/9/2017California's high quality of life rankings and housing costs.
1/2/20172016 in review, including the biggest challenges agents faced.
DateNewsletter title
12/26/2016Change ahead for the CFPB, and the YIMBY movement.
12/19/2016Prepping your business for 2017, and regional housing updates.
12/12/2016The ties between California's economy, business and real estate.
12/5/2016How business formations affect housing, and CA's foreclosure trends.
11/28/2016Branding your brokerage, and an update on commercial real estate.
11/21/2016CA's overvalued markets, and the CFPB's new foreclosure protections.
11/14/2016How Trump will impact housing, and fees due after an agent's death.
11/7/2016Our new agent career guide, and updated public records for broker-associates.
10/31/2016Retiree trends in California, and updates to the URLA.
10/24/2016California's strong GDP growth, and housing solutions from Tokyo.
10/17/2016Handling sight unseen transactions, and new legislative updates.
10/10/2016What's ahead for refinances, and updates to marketing requirements.
10/3/2016SF's failed housing plan, and updates to licensing rules.
9/26/2016Why Brown's housing proposal failed, and CA's hot solar market.
9/19/2016The next housing bust and avoiding delayed disclosures.
9/12/2016CA's falling foreclosure rate, and legislative updates.
9/5/2016Home price trends and a guide for contingency transactions.
8/29/2016CAR under fire in forms countersuit, and sellers' dreary price expectations.
8/22/2016California's low housing elasticity and CalBRE updates.
8/15/2016Rising sea levels threaten California, and legislation updates.
8/8/2016CAR's exploitative form ownership and why open houses may be unnecessary.
8/1/2016The MLS data sharing issue, and CAR's lawsuit over forms.
7/25/2016Our exclusive agent power base eBook, and Governor Brown's housing plan.
7/18/2016Clinton's and Trump's housing policies, and an eLicensing guide.
7/11/2016CA's unique buyer and flipper trends, and updated legislation.
7/4/2016A guide to landlord inspections, and CA's sluggish home sales.
6/27/2016How Brexit will impact the market and virtual reality in real estate.
6/20/2016Obstacles faced by minority buyers, and rising rents in SoCal.
6/13/2016Investment taxes and financial disparity in real estate.
6/6/2016A real estate licensing timeline and buyer competition in CA.
5/30/2016Difficult buyer questions and the key to mid-tier home sales.
5/23/2016Air pollution in the Central Valley and short-term rental rules.
5/16/2016Safety standards for landlords and why homebuyers like TRID.
5/9/2016Recourse vs. nonrecourse mortgages, and piggyback mortgages return.
5/2/2016Arbitration in real estate and a bill targeting broker-associates.
4/25/2016Immigrant discrimination in real estate, and underwater homes persist.
4/18/2016Financial product regulations, and California's low cap rate problem.
4/11/2016The cost of homeownership, and zoning solutions from abroad.
4/4/2016Comparing presidential candidate tax plans, and California's inventory problem.
3/28/2016Oil's impact on real estate and industry lies.
3/21/2016Use your achievements to expand business, and legislative updates.
3/14/2016An email marketing guide, and maximizing business with family ties.
3/7/2016Regional market trends, improving business with civic engagement, and arbitration provision enforcement.
2/29/2016California's hottest markets, and falling foreclosure rates.
2/22/2016Expand your power base with education, and the EB-5 visa program.
2/15/2016Understanding CID laws and why smart homes quicken sales.
2/8/2016Lowered mortgage standards and how student debt affects mortgage qualification.
2/1/2016California's largest brokerages and California's most competitive buyer's markets.
1/25/2016Racial disparities in mortgage financing, and rental rate trends.
1/18/2016A guide to eliminating contingencies, and CalBRE updates.
1/11/2016Filing CalBRE complaints and an increase in low credit scores.
1/4/2016A 2016 market forecast and mortgage disclosure delays.
DateNewsletter title
12/28/2015Explaining property conveyances to investors, and the CFPB's response to kickbacks.
12/21/2015A review of Google's mortgage shopping tool and more.
12/14/2015Regional forecast updates and the gender wage gap.
12/7/2015Reader pricing predictions and negotiating fee splits.
11/30/2015A guide to becoming a broker and a healthcare tax review.
11/23/2015Ethical duties of a licensee, and housing discrimination.
11/16/2015New mortgage disclosures and real estate sign refreshers.
11/9/20157 steps to improving your real estate website and more.
11/2/2015 Tips for staging property and a guide to broker management.
10/26/2015Online marketing tips and an insurance primer for brokers.
10/19/2015How rising sea levels affect real estate, and the "independent" agents myth.
10/12/2015Training new sales agents and a guide to broker duties.
10/5/201510 license renewal tips and why HAMP is failing homeowners.
9/28/2015How listing photos speed up sales, and new CFPB forms.
9/21/2015Tracking agent transactions and identity theft prevention for mortgages.
9/14/2015The Fed's upcoming rate hike and the rise of small down payments.
9/7/2015Why clients choose the first home or offer, and agent underemployment.
8/31/2015How to choose a broker and important continuing education requirements.
8/24/2015The role of a broker's assistant and VA mortgage FAQs.
8/17/2015Marketing your brand and analyzing the Transfer Disclosure Statement.
8/10/2015Trust funds 101, immigration reform and renters' dwindling savings.
8/3/2015Escrowing a note and how to use client reviews online.
7/27/2015VA vs. FHA mortgages and boomerang buyers' return to the market.
7/20/2015Risk reduction programs, the Fed rate hike and overpriced properties.
7/13/2015Agency duties, California's income inequality and recent price trends.
7/6/2015CRM program reviews, VA mortgages and the monthly statistical update.
6/29/2015CA wages vs. rental rates and making your business military-friendly.
6/22/2015CFPB disclosure delays and California's increasing rental costs.
6/15/2015California's steep living expenses and real estate calculators.
6/8/2015CalBRE licensee guidance and current market trends.
6/1/2015Recent housing trends, legislative updates and printable marketing flyers.
5/25/2015FHFA forecasts and printable marketing flyers for your clients.
5/18/2015Renting vs. buying and CalBRE answers your questions.
5/11/2015Zoning pioneers, brokerage business structures and the homeownership rate.
5/4/2015Financial illiteracy, marketing tips and home prices.
4/27/2015California's fastest-moving markets and the latest employment numbers.
4/20/2015The consumer mortgage call report and California's distressed sales.
4/13/2015Home pricing in 2015 and tax reminders for homeowners.
4/6/2015Wealth inequality, CalBRE mortgage reports and population growth.
3/30/2015L.A.'s rising cost of living and commercial energy benchmarking 101.
3/23/2015Home sales volume, licensee populations and the arbitration clause.
3/16/20152015 forecast updates and revised job numbers for California.
3/9/2015Property disclosure FAQs and the latest mortgage rate trends.
3/2/2015An increase in buyer-occupants and home pricing updates.
2/23/2015Tax deductible business expense FAQs and mortgage activity reports.
2/16/2015Syndication, pushing your online presence and an S&P settlement.
2/9/2015California's top brokerages and the latest market trends.
2/2/2015The 20% downpayment, a jobs update and Gen Y.
1/26/20151031 reinvestment plan FAQs and agent safety tips.
1/19/2015Energy benchmarking disclosures and MLO licensing requirements.
1/12/2015Buyer purchasing power FAQs and new reverse mortgage standards.
1/5/2015Looking ahead in 2015 and licensee population growth.