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California DRE Licensee Profile

Calendar year 2022, with forward quarterly updates for 2023

Licensee trends in real estate education

For 45 years from Riverside, Realty Publications, Inc. (RPI) has supported affiliate real estate schools to better inform students by providing very high quality real estate licensing course materials.

Printed copies of the California DRE Licensee Profile are provided to real estate schools affiliated with RPI. A digital copy is available to readers of the firsttuesday journal below — all at no cost.

This report points out trends in the number of licenses issued and renewed, updated quarterly, based on our analysis of data available from the Department of Real Estate (DRE). Our data analyses include:

    • the current individual licensee population of active and inactive salespersons, sole-operator brokers, broker-associates, and MLO-endorsed licensees;
    • the licensee population profile in California’s eight largest counties; and
    • educational profiles from the 2021-2022 calendar year, with forward application in 2023.

To shape your school operations and marketing strategy for offering California DRE licensing and renewal courses you need licensee information, and Cal-Specific case-study book. Our report is intended to help you anticipate the evolving real estate licensing patterns, all courtesy of RPI.

License Status

  • 411,269 Total Individual Licensees
  • 76% of Individual Licensees are Salespersons
  • 24% of Individual Licensees are Brokers


  • The largest population of brokers and agents is located in Los Angeles County, followed by Orange County and San Diego
  • Six times as many new salespersons entered the workforce in 2022 than brokers


  • Newly issued Salesperson and Broker licenses are trending down over prior 12-month period
  • The pass rate for the Salesperson state exam is trending flat at 50%

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