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Form-of-the-Week: 48-hour Notice of Intent to Enter Dwelling, and Statement of Deficiencies on Joint Pre-Expiration Inspection — Forms 567-2 and 567-3

A landlord or property manager uses RPI Forms 567-2 and 567-3 to notify the tenant of the hour and date of a pre-expiration inspection, and provide the tenant an itemized list of repairs and cleaning the tenant needs to remedy or eliminate to avoid a deduction of costs from the security deposit

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DRE Hot Seat: Failure to disburse trust funds to the owner of funds

This article is part of an ongoing series covering violations of real estate law. Here, the Department of Real Estate (DRE) revoked the real estate license of a broker acting as a property manager who collected trust funds on behalf of landlords they represented and failed to disburse the trust funds to the landlords as required.

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