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FARM: Now is the time to downsize!Listings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, upgrades, homeowners, relocating4/6/22
FARM: Don't like your mortgage payments? Change them!Mortgages and Financerefinances, refinancing, interest rates, homeowners, mortgage payments12/8/20
FARM: Discover your mortgage relief optionsMortgages and Finance/Listings and Sales - Sellersmortgage payments, homeowners, finances, budgeting, expenses, homeownership bills10/26/20
FARM: Health precautions when buying a homeListings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, buying, first-time homebuyers, homebuying, first home, tips7/6/20
FARM: Health precautions when listing your homeListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home showing, home viewing, open house7/4/20
FARM: Section 1031 exchangeInvestment Properties - Sellers/Taxationincome properties, investing, taxation12/4/19
What to write off on your rental propertyInvestment Propertiesrental properties, landlords, income properties, renting, investing9/18/19
Maximize your property with an ADUInvestment Propertiesrental properties, landlords, income properties, renting, investing6/26/19
Commercial for-lease flyerCommercial/Listings and Sales - Investment propertiescommercial property, investors, investment, commercial owners, rentals4/23/19
Your commercial property needs a fresh strategyCommercial/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellerscommercial property, investors, investment, commercial owners, commercial sellers, selling3/19/19
Protect your health and home with a filtration systemMiscellaneoushome improvements, upgrades, homeowners3/11/19
Selling your home quickly in a divorceListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, relocating2/19/19
3 smart alternatives to costly energy upgradesEnergy Efficiencyenergy bills, energy saving, homeowners2/11/19
Meal PlanningMeal plan to save moneyMiscellaneousdown payment, sellers9/25/18
Good neighborBe a good neighborMiscellaneousneighbors, sellers9/17/18
Garage saleCommunity garage saleMiscellaneousgarage sale, yard sale, community, neighborhood, event9/11/18
Tax defaulted propertySellers of tax defaulted propertyListings and Sales - Sellers/Taxationproperty taxes, tax default, tax sale, selling9/4/18
Vacant homesSell your vacant home now!Listings and Sales - Sellersvacant homes, selling, home selling8/7/18
Investment property postcardList your multi-family property now!Investment Propertiesmulti-family, apartments, selling, listing7/9/18
Investment property postcardLooking to sell your investment property? (Postcard)Investment Properties/Postcards and Hangersinvestors, investments, investing, selling6/11/18
DownsizeNow is the time to downsize!Listings and Sales - Sellersseniors, retirees, home selling, buyer demand6/11/18
Multi-acreage propertySell your multi-acreage propertyListings and Sales - Sellerslarge acre, large acreage, ranches, vineyards, farms, multi-acre, multi-acreage5/15/18
Summer rentalSummer is hereInvestment Properties/Seasonalrentals, renting, rental property5/2/18
Shopping for a neighborhoodShopping for a new neighborhood?Listings and Sales - Buyershomebuying, neighborhood, location4/24/18
Back on the marketPutting your home back on the marketListings and Sales - Sellerswithdrawn listings, relisting4/6/18
Beach vacation homeLooking to sell your beach vacation home? (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangersvacation homes, beach, coastal, waterfront, selling, second homes3/27/18
Mountain vacation homeLooking to sell your mountain vacation home? (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangersvacation homes, mountains, selling, second homes3/27/18
St Patrick's DayThinking about selling? Take advantage of the hot market this Saint Patricks Day!Listings and Sales - Sellers/SeasonalSaint Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day, selling3/6/18
Waterfront propertySell your waterfront property now!Listings and Sales - Sellerswaterfront properties, beach, ocean, lake, selling1/9/18
Condo salesSell your condoListings and Sales - Sellerscondominiums, condos12/19/17
December - D4December Newsletter - Design 4Monthly Newsletters/HTML EmailsDecember, holidays, Christmas11/7/17
December - D3December Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersDecember, holidays, Christmas11/6/17
December - D2December Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersDecember, holidays, Christmas11/6/17
December - D1December Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersDecember, holidays, Christmas11/6/17
VotingRegister to voteMiscellaneousvoting, voter registration, elections, community10/24/17
Nov newsletter - D4November Newsletter - Design 4Monthly NewslettersNovember9/29/17
Nov newsletter - D3November Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersNovember9/29/17
Nov newsletter - D2November Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersNovember9/29/17
Nov newsletter - D1November Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersNovember9/29/17
Credit freezesCredit Freeze BasicsMortgages and Financecredit report, credit freeze, finances, identity theft9/26/17
Open houseOpen HouseListings and Sales - Buyersopen house, property photos, property information, announcement9/21/17
October - D4October Newsletter - Design 4Monthly Newsletters/HTML EmailsOctober, Halloween9/1/17
October - D3October Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersOctober, Halloween9/1/17
October - D2October Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersOctober, Halloween9/1/17
October - D1October Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersOctober, Halloween9/1/17
Past client feedbackPast Client FeedbackExisting and Past Clientsreferrals, client feedback, client reviews9/1/17
Landlord tipsFirst-time landlord tipsInvestment Propertieslandlord, rental property, rental properties, rental homes, tenants, renting, leasing, property management8/30/17
Probate postcardNeed to sell a property in probate? (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangerssellers, selling, probate, inheritance8/7/17
Sep Newsletter - D4September Newsletter - Design 4Monthly Newsletters/HTML EmailsSeptember8/7/17
Sep Newsletter - D3September Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersSeptember8/7/17
Sep Newsletter - D2September Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersSeptember8/7/17
Sep Newsletter - D1September Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersSeptember8/7/17
Ready to sell postcardReady to sell? (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangerssellers, referrals, buyer demand, high demand7/19/17
Just sold postcardAnother home has just sold in your neighborhood! (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangershigh demand neighborhood, homeowners, selling, buyer demand, just sold, recently sold, seller's market, low inventory7/11/17
Small bathroomsMake your small bathroom look biggerHome Design and Gardeningbathrooms, restrooms, small spaces, homeowners6/30/17
August - D4August Newsletter - Design 4Monthly Newsletters/HTML EmailsAugust6/30/17
August - D3August Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersAugust6/30/17
August - D2August Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersAugust6/30/17
August - D1August Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersAugust6/30/17
Vineyard sellerSelling your vineyard?Listings and Sales - Sellersvineyards, wineries, selling, sellers6/23/17
VineyardBefore you buy that vineyardÛListings and Sales - Buyersvineyards, wineries, buying, buyers6/19/17
Low inventoryLow inventory in your neighborhood Ü list now!Listings and Sales - Sellershomeowners, home selling, low inventory, high demand, buyer demand, I have a buyer, seller's market6/12/17
July newsletter - D4July Newsletter - Design 4Monthly Newsletters/HTML EmailsJuly6/5/17
July newsletter - D3July Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersJuly6/5/17
July newsletter - D2July Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersJuly6/5/17
July newsletter - D1July Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersJuly6/5/17
Senior postcardReady to sell? Senior Community (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangersseniors, senior community, retirees, home selling, buyer demand6/2/17
Purchasing powerDetermine your buyer purchasing powerListings and Sales - Buyers/Mortgages and Financebuyer purchasing power, mortgage qualification, mortgage amount, interest rates, homebuying, homebuyers5/31/17
Familiar face in real estateA familiar face in real estateLetters/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellerssphere of influence (SOI), referrals, friends, introduction, new agent, community, acquaintances5/24/17
Expired listingExpired Listing? Let me help! (Postcard)Postcards and Hangers/Listings and Sales - Sellersexpired listing, homeowners, home sellers, home selling5/22/17
Property taxesDelinquent property taxesTaxesproperty taxes, property tax payments, delinquent property taxes, delinquent payments, homeowners5/18/17
Change of addressChange of address: Who to notify when movingMiscellaneousmoving, relocating, check list, checklist, change of address, mail, new address5/12/17
Luxury homesShopping for a luxury home?Listings and Sales - Buyersluxury homes, luxury properties, high-end, high-tier, homebuyers5/8/17
I have a buyerI have a buyer! (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangersbuyers, buyer demand, homeowners, sellers, selling, inventory4/26/17
June Newsletter D4June Newsletter _ Design 4Monthly Newsletters/HTML EmailsJune4/25/17
June Newsletter D3June Newsletter _ Design 3Monthly NewslettersJune4/25/17
June Newsletter D2June Newsletter _ Design 2Monthly NewslettersJune4/25/17
June Newsletter D1June Newsletter _ Design 1Monthly NewslettersJune4/25/17
New agentNew real estate agent, trusted in your communityLettersnew agents, introduction letter, neighborhood, sphere of influence (SOI)4/24/17
Sales and referralsReady to sell?Listings and Sales - Sellersreferrals, sellers, selling, family, friends, colleagues, homeowners4/24/17
Become a homeowner postcardTired of renting? Become a homeowner! (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Buyers/Postcards and Hangersrenting, buying, tenants, renters, homebuyers, costs4/24/17
Vacant landownersSell your vacant landListings and Sales - Sellersvacant land, vacant lot, sellers, selling, parcels4/18/17
Renters to buyersTired of the pitfalls of renting? Become a homeowner!Listings and Sales - Buyersrenting, buying, tenants, renters, homebuyers, costs4/10/17
May Newsletter - D4May Newsletter - Design 4Monthly NewslettersMay4/7/17
May Newsletter - D3May Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersMay4/7/17
May Newsletter - D2May Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersMay4/7/17
May newsletter D1May Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersMay4/7/17
New agentIntroducing new agent to our brokerageLetters/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyersnew agents, introduction letter, brokerage4/5/17
Loan agentsLoan Agent PostcardPostcards and Hangers/Mortgages and Financeloan agents, mortgages4/4/17
Hot neighborhoodYour neighborhood is hot!Listings and Sales - Sellers/The Economybuyer demand, high demand, selling, low inventory, I have a buyer, high demand neighrborhood3/28/17
Property taxesYour property taxes are due April 10Taxation/Seasonalproperty taxes, property tax installments, homeowners, April3/21/17
Just soldAnother home has just sold in your neighborhoodListings and Sales - Sellers/The Economyjust sold, recent sales, neighborhood sales, sellers, selling, home sales volume, home sales data, home sales activity, property photos3/21/17
Home workstationCreate an at-home workstationHome Design and Gardeninghome office, workstation, space, homeowners3/21/17
Tax refund (Spanish)Utilice su devoluci‹n de impuestos para una nueva compra de casaTaxation/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Spanish Translationshomebuyers, buying, income tax refund, finances, down payment, Spanish3/17/17
Tax refundUse your income tax refund towards a new home purchaseTaxation/Listings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, buying, income tax refund, finances, down payment3/14/17
April newsletter - D4April Newsletter - Design 4Monthly NewslettersApril, Easter3/3/17
April newsletter D3April Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersApril3/3/17
April newsletter D2April Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersApril3/3/17
April newsletter D1April Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersApril3/3/17
April mortgage newsletterApril Newsletter - MortgageMonthly Newsletters/Mortgages and Finance/BlankApril, mortgages, lending, blank3/3/17
Easter craftsFun Easter craft ideasSeasonal/MiscellaneousEaster, crafting, crafts, art, holiday2/27/17
Buying your propertyI'm interested in buying your property! (Postcard)Listings and Sales - Sellers/Investment Properties/Postcards and Hangersinvestors, investments, investing, buying2/22/17
Blank 6Blank template #6Blankfill in, custom2/8/17
Blank 5Blank template #5Blankfill in, custom2/8/17
Blank 4Blank template #4Blankfill in, custom2/8/17
Blank 3Blank template #3Blankfill in, custom2/8/17
Blank 2Blank template #2Blankfill in, custom2/8/17
Blank 1Blank template #1Blankfill in, custom2/8/17
March newsletter - D4March Newsletter - Design 4Monthly NewslettersMarch2/3/17
March mortgage newsletterMarch Newsletter - MortgageMonthly Newsletters/Mortgages and Finance/BlankMarch, mortgages, lending, blank2/3/17
March newsletter D3March Newsletter _ Design 3Monthly NewslettersMarch2/3/17
March newsletter D2March Newsletter _ Design 2Monthly NewslettersMarch2/3/17
March newsletter D1March Newsletter _ Design 1Monthly NewslettersMarch2/3/17
February mortgage newsletterFebruary Newsletter - MortgageMonthly Newsletters/Mortgages and Finance/BlankFebruary, mortgages, lending, blank2/3/17
January mortgage newsletterJanuary Newsletter - MortgageMonthly Newsletters/Mortgages and Finance/BlankJanuary, mortgages, lending, blank2/3/17
Defects7 property defects to fix before you sellListings and Sales - Sellers/Home Maintenancedefects, property conditions, repairs, home improvements, home fixes, roof, termites, appliances, air conditioning, foundation, gutters, selling1/30/17
RefinancingIs a refinance right for you?Mortgages and Financerefinances, refinancing, interest rates, homeowners1/30/17
February newsletter - D3February Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersFebruary1/13/17
February newsletter - D2February Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersFebruary1/13/17
February newsletter - D1February Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersFebruary1/13/17
AC featuresTop 5 A/C features to look forHome Maintenanceair conditioning, air conditioners, home cooling, heat, homeowners1/9/17
Tax tipsTips for filing taxesTaxestax filings, tax tips, tax credits1/6/17
February newsletterFebruary Newsletter - Design 4Monthly NewslettersFebruary12/30/16
Just soldJust SoldListings and Sales - Sellersjust sold, for sale, sellers, selling, property photos12/22/16
Letter to past clientsLetter to past clientsExisting and Past Clients/Lettersreferrals, past clients, previous clients, follow up, letters12/22/16
Risk of foreclosureAre you at risk of foreclosure? Let me help!Mortgages and Finance/Listings and Sales - Sellersforeclosure, selling, sellers, equity, short sale, homeowners in default, delinquent12/19/16
Renovations to avoid6 home renovations to avoid before a saleHome Maintenance/Home Design and Gardening/Listings and Sales - Sellersrenovating, renovations, upgrades, upgrading, updates, updating, home improvements, homeowners12/12/16
Listing income propertyListing a residential income propertyInvestment Propertiesincome properties, rental, renting, landlords, investing, investors, rental properties, listing, selling, sellers12/12/16
January Newsletter - D4January Newsletter - Design 4Monthly NewslettersJanuary12/9/16
January Newsletter - D3January Newsletter - Design 3Monthly NewslettersJanuary12/9/16
January Newsletter - D2January Newsletter - Design 2Monthly NewslettersJanuary12/9/16
January Newsletter - D1January Newsletter - Design 1Monthly NewslettersJanuary12/9/16
Tips for your first home sale6 tips for your first home saleListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, first-time sellers, first home, tips12/1/16
Buying your first homeTips for finding and buying your first homeListings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, buying, first-time homebuyers, homebuying, first home, tips11/21/16
New homeReady for a new home?Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyersselling, sellers, buyers, homebuyers, buying, homebuying, relocation, downsizing, relocating, moving out, upgrading, transitioning, divorce, life changes, expanding family, marriage11/14/16
Farm purchaseConsidering a farm purchase?Listings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, buying, farm, ranch10/24/16
DownsizeLet me help you downsizeListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, seniors, downsizing, relocating, relocation, equity10/13/16
Rent space for businessRent space for your businessLetters/Commercialcommercial owner, commercial landlord, commercial property, industrial, office, business, commercial rental, commercial lease, retail10/7/16
Overpricing your homeThe drawbacks of overpricing your home for saleListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home prices, overpricing, home value9/30/16
A/C alternativesAlternatives to central A/CHome Maintenanceair conditioning, air conditioners, home cooling, heat, homeowners9/26/16
Financial strategyBuilding a financial strategy for new homeownersMortgages and Financemortgage payments, homeowners, finances, budgeting, expenses, homeownership bills9/26/16
List your home in the fall4 reasons to list your home in the fallSeasonal/Listings and Sales - Sellerslisting, selling, sellers, sales, fall, autumn9/16/16
Commercial property ownerSolicitation for owners of commercial propertyLetters/Commercialcommercial property, investors, investment, commercial owners, commercial sellers, selling9/16/16
December newsletter - D1December Newsletter _ Design 1Monthly NewslettersDecember9/14/16
December newsletter - D2December Newsletter _ Design 2Monthly NewslettersDecember9/14/16
December newsletter - D3December Newsletter _ Design 3Monthly NewslettersDecember9/14/16
Rid garden of weedsRid your garden of weedsHome Design and Gardeninggardens, weeds, plants9/12/16
Vacant homesSolicitation for owners of vacant homesLetters/Listings and Sales - Sellersseller, selling, vacant property, vacant home9/9/16
Solar panels pros and consSolar panels: pros and consEnergy Efficiencysolar power, solar panels, electricity, solar lease, homeowners8/31/16
Commercial tenant relocationCommercial tenant relocationLetters/Commercialcommercial tenant, relocation, relocating, commercial lease, commercial rental8/25/16
Refinance your mortgage4 reasons to refinance your mortgageMortgages and Financemortgage rates, interest rates, refinancing, refinances, homeowners8/15/16
Patio tipsTake your patio to the next level with these 5 tipsHome Design and Gardening/HTML Emailsoutdoor, backyard, patio, home d_cor7/19/16
Reduce water usage7 ways to reduce water usage around the houseHome Maintenancewater usage, water conservation, water saving, homeowners7/1/16
Let me manage your propertyLet me manage your propertyInvestment Propertiesrental property, landlord, property management, tenants, ownership6/20/16
FHA property qualificationsFHA property qualification standardsMortgages and FinanceFederal Housing Administration (FHA), mortgage, loan, finance, homebuyers, homebuying6/13/16
Kitchen sink storageTurn that mess under your kitchen sink into prime storage spaceHome Maintenancekitchen, storage, space, cleaning, organizing, homeowners5/17/16
Local expertI'm the local expert - call me!Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Lettersbuying, buyers, homebuying, homebuyers, sellers, selling, local expert, broker, agent, introduction5/9/16
Vacant lotVacant lotListings and Sales - Buyers/Lettersbuyers, buying, vacant lot, for sale, land sales5/6/16
Buying a new homeThinking about buying a new home?Listings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, buying, homebuyers, homebuying, new home, new construction4/29/16
Selling and buying at the same timeThe do's and don'ts of selling and buying at the same timeListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, buying, homebuying, relocating4/28/16
Just sold in your neighborhoodJust sold in your neighborhoodListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, just sold, neighborhood, property photos4/25/16
Budgeting tips for new homeownersBudgeting tips for new homeownersExisting and Past Clientsbudgeting, costs, expenses, finances, new homeowners, property taxes, mortgage payments, money,4/25/16
Moving checklistYour moving checklistMiscellaneousmoving, relocating, check list, homes4/15/16
Area rug styleArea rug styleHome Design and Gardeningrugs, home d_cor, interior design4/14/16
Earth DayEarth Day around the houseSeasonalEarth Day, April, environment, holiday4/11/16
I'm your neighborI'm your neighbor - and an agent!Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Lettersbuyers, buying, homebuyers, homebuying, sellers, selling, agent, broker, neighborhood, introduction4/8/16
Holiday party tipsHoliday party tipsSeasonal/Miscellaneousholiday, party, celebration, food, decorations, family, friends4/4/16
Bank or brokerChoosing a mortgage provider: bank or broker?Mortgages and Financeloan, mortgage, mortgage broker, mortgage loan broker (MLO), lender, bank, finance4/4/16
Annual credit reportsAll about free annual credit reportsThe Economycredit reports, credit score, finances3/28/16
Settle into your new homeSettle into your new homeListings and Sales - Buyers/Existing and Past Clientsbuyers, buying, homebuyers, homebuying, moving in, packing, new home3/14/16
Keep kids busyKeep kids busy - and happy! - this summerSeasonal/Miscellaneoussummer, kids, children, family3/7/16
Note holders and carryback sellersAttention Note Holders and Carryback Sellers!Investment Propertiesequity, trust deed notes, investing, investors, carryback notes3/7/16
Winter open houseA seller's winter open house guideSeasonal/Listings and Sales - Sellerswinter, sellers, selling, sales, open house2/29/16
Market's hotMarket's hot - but interest rates may be going up - sell now!Listings and Sales - Sellers/The Economysellers, selling, home prices, market, economy, interest rates2/16/16
Extend life of your roofQuick tips to extend the life of your roofHome Maintenanceroof, homeowners2/8/16
Winter maintenance projects5 easy winter maintenance projectsHome Maintenance/Seasonalwinter, cleaning, homeowners2/8/16
Offer cover letter 1Offer Cover Letter 1Letters/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, homebuying, buying, homebuyers, offer cover letter, personal letter2/2/16
Offer cover letter 2Offer Cover Letter 2Letters/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, homebuying, buying, homebuyers, offer cover letter, personal letter2/2/16
New agent in townNew agent in townLetters/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyershomebuying, buying, buyers, homebuyers, selling, sellers, neighborhood, new agent, introduction2/1/16
Household appliancesLife expectancies of household appliancesHome Maintenancehome appliances, air conditioner, washer, dryer, water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, fridge, homeowners2/1/16
New agentNew agent in your neighborhoodLetters/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyershomebuying, buying, buyers, homebuyers, selling, sellers, neighborhood, new agent, introduction1/21/16
Reviving your listingReviving your listingListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, expired listing1/18/16
Opportunity in your backyardA Real Estate Opportunity in Your BackyardLetters/Listings and Sales - Buyersneighbors, buyers, buying, homebuying, homebuyers1/13/16
Homeowner rightsCalifornia homeowners: know your rightsMortgages and FinanceHomeowner Bill of Rights, California, homeowners, tenants, law, mortgage, loan1/11/16
Add color to your kitchen5 ways to add color to your kitchenHome Design and Gardeninghome d_cor, kitchens, painting, color, homeowners1/11/16
Residential investment propertiesResidential Investment PropertiesLetters/Investment Propertiessellers, selling, investing, investment, investors, rental property1/6/16
Maximize your investmentMaximize your investmentInvestment Propertiesrental properties, landlords, income properties, renting, investing, investors, upgrading, apartments, multifamily1/4/16
Happy Valentine's DayHappy Valentine's DaySeasonal/RecipesValentine's Day, February, holiday, food, cooking, baking, celebration, recipe12/30/15
Newest team memberMeet our newest team member!Lettersbrokerage, business, new agents, sales agents, salespersons, brokers, company, employees, employment, career, introduction12/30/15
Expert in your neighborhoodExpert in your neighborhoodLetters/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyersselling, sellers, homebuyers, homebuying, buying, buyers, neighborhood, sales agents, introduction12/30/15
Expired listing?Expired listing? Let me help!Listings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, expired listing12/29/15
Tax breaks for homeownersTax breaks for first-time homeownersTaxestax breaks, credits, deductions, property taxes, interest12/24/15
Sell a property in probateNeed to sell a property in probate?Listings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, probate, inheritance12/24/15
Your listing expiredYour listing expired!Listings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, expired listing12/23/15
Financial literacyGet a better deal with - financial literacy!Mortgages and Financeloan, finance, mortgage, down payment, mortgage shopping worksheet, lenders, homebuyers, homebuying12/21/15
Market's hotThe market's hot, but interest rates are going up - buy now!Listings and Sales - Buyers/The Economyhomebuyers, buyers, buying, homebuying, home prices, interest rates, market12/21/15
Organize your closetsOrganize your closetsHome Maintenanceclosets, storage, space, homeowners12/14/15
Staging your homeDos and don'ts for staging your homeListings and Sales - Sellersselling, sellers, home staging, home showing, home viewing12/13/15
Selling with an agent vs. on your ownSelling your home with an agent vs. on your ownListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, seller's agent, for sale by owner (FSBO)11/30/15
Energy  billsSave on energy bills this seasonEnergy Efficiency/Seasonalenergy bills, utilities, costs, expenses, energy conservation, energy saving, homeowners, winter, cold, weather11/23/15
Selling in the fallDo's and don'ts of selling your home in fallSeasonal/Listings and Sales - Sellersfall, autumn, home sales, listing, selling11/23/15
Common homebuyer mistakes6 tips to avoid common homebuyer mistakesListings and Sales - Buyersbuying, buyers, homebuying, homebuyers11/17/15
Tips for selling fast5 tips for selling your home fastListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling11/9/15
Prices are upPrices are up - now's the time to sell!Listings and Sales - Sellers/The Economysellers, selling, home prices, market, economy, interest rates11/6/15
Happy St. Patrick's DayHappy St. Patrick's DaySeasonal/RecipesSt. Patrick's Day, holiday, recipe, food, baking, cooking, celebration10/23/15
Happy Cinco de MayoHappy Cinco De MayoSeasonal/RecipesCinco de Mayo, holiday, celebration, food, cooking, baking, recipe10/23/15
Happy 4th of JulyHappy 4th of JulySeasonal/RecipesIndependence Day, Fourth of July, holiday, recipes, food, cooking, baking, celebration10/22/15
Buyer's agentFind your home with a buyer's agentListings and Sales - Buyersbuyers, buying, homebuyers, homebuying, buyer's agent10/13/15
Ready to sellFive ways to know you're ready to sellListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling10/13/15
Prices are lowPrices are low - now's the time to sell and relocate!Listings and Sales - Sellers/The Economysellers, selling, home prices, market, economy, interest rates10/12/15
Buy income propertyIts a great time to buy income propertyInvestment Properties/The Economyincome properties, rental, renting, landlords, investing, investors, buying, buyers, rental properties10/9/15
Happy New YearHappy New YearSeasonal/RecipesNew Year, holiday, recipe, food, cooking, baking, celebration10/8/15
Absentee buyers 2Absentee buyers #2Letters/Investment Propertiesabsentee buyers, cash buyers, investing, investments, investors, apartments10/8/15
Prices are steadyPrices are holding steady _ nows the time to sell!Listings and Sales - Sellers/The Economysellers, selling, home prices, market, economy, interest rates10/6/15
Downsize the easy wayDownsize the easy wayMiscellaneous/Listings and Sales - Sellersdownsizing, seniors, moving, homes, relocating10/5/15
Your listing expiredYour listing expired - theres no excuse!Listings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, expired listing10/5/15
DIY Halloween3 DIY Halloween decorationsSeasonal/Home Design and GardeningHalloween, October, holiday, celebration, decorations, DIY, home d_cor, crafting10/1/15
Holiday safetyStay safe this holiday seasonSeasonal/Miscellaneousholidays, safety, Christmas, decorations10/1/15
Easy weekend projectEasy weekend projectsHome Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancehome improvements, upgrades, upgrading, home fixes, repairs, painting, homeowners9/29/15
Merry ChristmasMerry ChristmasSeasonal/RecipesChristmas, holiday, recipe, food, cooking, baking, celebrations9/25/15
Happy EasterHappy EasterRecipes/SeasonalEaster, April, holiday, food, cooking, baking, recipes, celebration9/25/15
FHA mortgageIs an FHA mortgage for you?Mortgages and Financeloan, mortgage, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), private mortgage insurance (PMI), down payment, comparison, credit score, homebuyers9/21/15
Road trip tipsRoad trip tipsMiscellaneousroad trip, vacation, family9/18/15
Absentee buyersAbsentee buyersLetters/Investment Propertiesabsentee buyers, cash buyers, investing, investments, investors, apartments9/17/15
New homeowner to-do listYour New Homeowner To-Do ListExisting and Past Clientsnew homeowners, to-do list, cleaning, moving in, relocating9/14/15
Picnic planningPicnic planningMiscellaneouspicnic, outdoor activities, parks, family9/13/15
Earthquake safety tipsEarthquake safety tipsMiscellaneousearthquake, safety, natural disaster9/13/15
Making your home pet-friendlyMaking your home pet-friendlyMiscellaneouspets, family, home9/10/15
Veterans DayDo good this Veterans DaySeasonal/MiscellaneousVeterans Day, Armistice Day, holiday, November, volunteering, donating, community, celebration9/10/15
Autumn home fixesPre-autumn home fixesSeasonal/Home Maintenanceautumn, fall, maintenance, home9/10/15
Happy BirthdayHappy BirthdayRecipesbirthday, celebration, baking, food, cake, desserts, sweets, recipes9/10/15
Sun protection 101Sun protection 101Miscellaneous/Seasonalsun protection, summer, sunscreen, sunblock9/4/15
VacationPreparing for your vacationMiscellaneousvacation, trip, family, outing9/4/15
Tax tips for homeownersTax tips for homeownersTaxestaxes, homeowners, deductions, interest, property taxes9/4/15
Fire dangerAvoid fire danger around your homeHome Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancegrass, lawn, yard, gardens, plants, landscaping, landscapes, fire safety, trees, fireproof9/4/15
California campingCalifornia campingMiscellaneouscamping, outdoors9/3/15
Happy ThanksgivingHappy ThanksgivingSeasonal/RecipesThanksgiving, holiday, food, recipe, baking, cooking8/31/15
Pool safety tipsPool safety tips for homeownersHome Maintenanceswimming pool, pool safety, homeowners8/31/15
Home viewing tipsHome viewing tipsListings and Sales - Buyersbuying, homebuying, buyers, homebuyers, home viewing, open house, home search, home showing8/26/15
Time to BBQTime to BBQRecipesbarbecue, barbeque, recipes, cooking, family, food8/26/15
Sweet recipeA sweet recipeRecipesfood, recipe, sweets, baking8/20/15
Treat yourselfTreat yourselfRecipes/Seasonalfood, recipe, sweets, baking, treats, candy, Halloween8/20/15
Labor DayHave fun this Labor DaySeasonalLabor Day, holiday, trip, vacation, family, travel, California8/17/15
Suburb home sale - 2Get your home sold (Suburb 2) _ Post Card & Door HangerPostcards and Hangers/Listings and Sales - Sellersdoor hanger, postcard, suburban, home, selling, sellers8/12/15
Home worthHow much is your home worth? (Postcard)Postcards and Hangers/Listings and Sales - Sellerspostcard, home value, home worth, homeowners, sellers, selling, pricing, home prices, market analysis8/11/15
Colorizing doors in your homeColorize the doors in your homeHome Design and Gardeninginterior design, colors, paint, home d_cor8/11/15
Upgrade your investmentTime to upgrade your investment (Postcard)Postcards and Hangers/Investment Propertiespostcard, investment, rental, renting, selling, buying, rental properties, investors8/11/15
Beach home saleGet your home sold (Beach) _ Post card & Door HangerPostcards and Hangers/Listings and Sales - Sellersdoor hanger, postcard, beach, home, selling, sellers8/11/15
Suburb home sale - 1Get your home sold (Suburb 1) _ Post Card & Door HangerPostcards and Hangers/Listings and Sales - Sellersdoor hanger, postcard, suburban, home, selling, sellers8/11/15
Multiple offersSeller tips for evaluating multiple offersListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, offers, counteroffers8/7/15
New agentIm a new agent in your area!Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Lettersbuying, selling, sellers, buyers, homebuyers, homebuying, new agent, new broker, neighborhood8/3/15
Home wish listHome shopping wish listListings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, homebuying, buyers, buying, wish list, amenities, dream home7/27/15
I'm back in businessIm back in businessListings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Lettersbuying, selling, sellers, buyers, homebuyers, homebuying, agent, broker7/20/15
Charcoal vs. gas grillCharcoal grills vs. gas grills?Miscellaneouscharcoal grill, gas grill, grilling, food, cooking7/10/15
Pay off mortgagePay off your mortgage soonerMortgages and Financedebt, loan, homeowners, mortgage payment, finance7/10/15
Back in businessBack in businessListings and Sales - Sellers/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Lettersbuying, selling, sellers, buyers, homebuyers, homebuying, agent, broker7/10/15
Heat safetyHeat safety tipsSeasonal/Miscellaneousweather, heat, summer, safety, health, hot, sunscreen, sunblock, hydration7/2/15
Identity theftIdentity theft protection tipsThe Economyidentity theft, identity protection, security, credit report, finances7/2/15
Backyard upgradesInexpensive backyard upgradesHome Design and Gardeningbackyard6/25/15
Ways to add curb appealQuick and Easy Ways to Add Curb AppealHome Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancecurb appeal, homeowners6/23/15
Turf rebate programsTurf rebate programsHome Design and Gardeninglandscapes, landscaping, turf, lawn, rebates, drought, water saving, water conservation6/20/15
Stay cool and save moneyStay Cool and Save MoneySeasonal/Energy Efficiencyweather, temperature, heat, cooling, money, summer6/16/15
Weeknight open houseHave a weeknight open houseListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home showing, home viewing, open house6/16/15
Advantage when buyingHow to gain an advantage when buying a homeListings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, homebuying, buying, buyers6/12/15
Firework safetyFirework safety guideSeasonal/Miscellaneousfireworks, safety, holiday, celebration6/10/15
Way to eliminate clutter8 ways to eliminate clutterHome Maintenanceclutter, cleaning, organizing, homeowners6/10/15
Quick home maintenanceQuick home maintenanceHome Maintenancecleaning, repairs, home fixes, homeowners6/10/15
Artificial turfShould you install artificial turf?Home Design and Gardeninglawn, grass, artificial turf, yard, lanscaping, landscapes6/9/15
Outdoor safetyOutdoor safetySeasonal/Miscellaneous/Home Maintenanceoutdoor, backyard, safety, children, pets, playground, swimming pools6/5/15
What to expect when sellingWhat to expect when sellingListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home sale6/3/15
Father's Day giftsFathers Day IdeasSeasonalFather's Day, gifts, family, holiday, dad6/2/15
BarbequeLets get ready to barbequeSeasonal/Miscellaneousbarbecue, barbeque, cooking, family, food6/2/15
Bathroom update tipsBathroom update tipsHome Maintenance/Home Design and Gardeningrenovations, renovating, bathroom, upgrades, updating, updates, upgrading, home improvements, remodeling, homeowners6/2/15
Energy efficiencyEasy energy efficiencyEnergy Efficiencyutilities, energy conservation, energy saving, lighting, home cooling, fans, whole house fan, air conditioning, appliances, homeowners6/1/15
Smart credit card use8 tips for smart credit card useThe Economycredit score, credit cards, finance, debt6/1/15
Tax refund improvementsImprove your home with your tax refundTaxes/Home Maintenance/Home Design and Gardeningincome tax refund, home improvement, homeowners5/30/15
Cutting flowers8 Tips on caring for cut flowersHome Design and Gardeningflowers, gardening5/27/15
Child safety in your homePrime your home for protectionMiscellaneoussafety, children, babies, family, home, protection5/27/15
Home security systemsHome security systems Ü protect your home and your family!Home Maintenancesecurity system, security alarm, home alarm, homeowners5/27/15
Avoid fraudProtect yourself and avoid fraud! Miscellaneousscams, fraud, consumer protection5/25/15
First-time homebuyer programsFirst-time homebuyer programsMortgages and Financehomebuyers, homebuying, finance, mortgage program, down payment, California Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program (CHDAP), Extra Credit Teacher Program (ECTP), Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), loan5/19/15
Mother's Day gift ideasMothers Day gift ideasSeasonalMother's Day, family, gifts, holiday, mom5/5/15
Water usageReduce your water usage by 25%, save 25%Home Maintenancewater usage, water conservation, water saving, homeowners5/5/15
Decorating ideas for small spaces8 big decorating ideas for small spacesHome Design and Gardeningdecorating, decorations, home d_cor, homeowners5/5/15
Homeowners insuranceHomeowners insuranceHome Maintenancehomeowners insurance, insurance coverage, earthquakes, floods, fire, wear and tear4/22/15
Repairs before sellingRepairs to consider before selling your homeHome Maintenancerepairs, home improvements, home fixes, homeowners4/22/15
Before you sellBefore you sell your homeListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home prepping, home staging, home showing, home viewing4/20/15
Spring cleaning10 tips for spring cleaningSeasonal/Home Maintenancespring, cleaning, home4/16/15
Open house5 things to ask at an open houseListings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, buyers, buying, open house, home showing, home viewing4/14/15
Distressed property ownersSolicitation for owners of distressed propertyLetters/Listings and Sales - Sellersunderwater owners, distressed property, homeowners, sellers, selling4/7/15
Volunteer monthApril is national volunteer month!Seasonal/Miscellaneousvolunteer, April, community, activities4/6/15
Blooms for curb appealAdding blooms for extra curb appealHome Design and Gardeninggardens, flowers, plants, curb appeal, lawn, yard4/6/15
Best renovations for your moneyThe best renovations for your moneyHome Design and Gardeningrenovating, renovations, upgrades, upgrading, homeowners, home improvements, curb appeal, remodeling3/30/15
Down paymentSave up for a down paymentMortgages and Financemortgage, down payment, saving, homebuyers, homebuying, loan, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac3/24/15
Outdoor pest controlNatural, non-toxic outdoor pest controlHome Design and Gardeningpest control, pesticides, garden, pests, lawn, yard3/24/15
Irrigation systemsA quick guide to irrigation systemsHome Design and Gardeningirrigation system, sprinkler system, lawn, grass, yard, garden3/17/15
Cooling costsSave money on cooling costsHome Maintenance/Energy Efficiencyheat, cooling, air conditioning, heating, HVAC, homeowners3/3/15
Successful yard sale10 tips for a successful yard saleHome Maintenanceyard sales, garage sales, decluttering, homeowners2/24/15
Big fanNo A/C? Im a big fanEnergy Efficiencywhole house fan, home cooling, heat, air conditioning, homeowners2/20/15
4 critical credit tips4 critical credit tipsThe Economy/Mortgages and Financecredit score, credit cards, finance, debt, mortgages2/16/15
Smart houseSmart houseHome Maintenancehome improvements, upgrades, upgrading, homeowners, technology, smart home, security system, automation12/29/14
Impound accountsCheck your impound paymentsTaxesescrow, impound account, homeowners insurance, property taxes, tax payments12/23/14
Buy a second homeBuy a second home, rent your old oneInvestment Propertiessecond home, rental properties, renting, landlord, investing, investor, income properties12/22/14
Winter gardenGrow a winter gardenSeasonal/Home Design and Gardeningwinter, garden, vegetables, weather, plants12/15/14
New Year's resolutions10 New Years resolutions for homeownersSeasonal/Home Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancenew year, holiday, homeowners, maintenance12/15/14
Paying down a mortgagePaying down a mortgageMortgages and Financemortgage, loan, interest rate, finance, debt12/2/14
Declaration of homesteadProtect your equity with a declaration of homesteadMortgages and Financedeclaration of homestead, loan, creditors, equity, homeowners, debt, finance11/24/14
Competitive pricingCompetitively pricing your homeListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home price, value, pricing11/24/14
Holiday travel guideYour holiday travel guideSeasonalholiday, travel, vacation, trip, family11/13/14
Keep intruders outHow to keep intruders out while on vacationSeasonal/Miscellaneousholiday, vacation, trip, travel, safety, family, security11/13/14
Before you  buy a houseWhat to do before you buy a houseMortgages and Financedown payment, homebuyers, mortgage, loan, credit history, homebuying, finance11/13/14
Before buying a houseWhat to do before you buy a houseListings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, buying, buyers, down payment, credit11/13/14
Thanksgiving turkey tipsThanksgiving turkey tipsSeasonalfood, cooking, Thanksgiving, holiday11/6/14
10 tips for hanging holiday lights10 tips for hanging holiday lightsSeasonal/Home Design and Gardeningholiday, Christmas, lights11/6/14
Applying for a mortgageApplying for a mortgage?Mortgages and Financemortgage application, homebuyers, loan application11/3/14
Right priceIs the price right for your home?Listings and Sales - Sellerssellers, selling, home price, value, pricing11/3/14
Shopping for a neighborhood6 tips when shopping for a neighborhoodListings and Sales - Buyers/Home Design and Gardeninghomebuyers, homebuying, buyers, buying, neighborhood, location10/22/14
Good fencesGood fences make good neighborsHome Maintenanceboundary fences, neighbors, homeowners10/21/14
Price your commutePrice your commuteThe Economytransportation costs, commuting, finances, budgeting, expenses10/17/14
Enhance your curb appealTips to enhance your curb appealListings and Sales - Sellers/Home Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancecurb appeal, sellers, selling, exterior design, homeowners10/14/14
Get residential properties rent readyGet your residential properties rent readyInvestment Properties/Home Maintenancelandlords, rental properties, renting, property management, investor, investing, income properties10/7/14
Shopping for a condoShopping for a condoListings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, buyers, buying, homebuying, condominiums, condos9/30/14
Shop for a contractorShopping for a contractorHome Maintenancecontractors, home improvements, renovations, homeowners9/23/14
Replace your roofWhen To Replace Your RoofHome Maintenanceroof, homeowners9/15/14
Simply DIY home fixes5 unbelievably simple DIY home fixesHome MaintenanceDIY, home fixes, home improvements, homeowners, repairs9/9/14
Just Listed 2Just Listed 2Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellersjust listed, property description, selling, for sale, new listings, property photos9/8/14
Just Listed 1Just Listed 1Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellersjust listed, property description, selling, for sale, new listings, property photos9/8/14
Just Listed 3Just Listed 3Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellersjust listed, property description, selling, for sale, new listings, property photos9/8/14
Just Listed 4Just Listed 4Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellersjust listed, property description, selling, for sale, new listings, property photos9/8/14
Just Listed 5Just Listed 5Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellersjust listed, property description, selling, for sale, new listings, property photos9/8/14
Carbon monoxideProtecting your family from carbon monoxideHome Maintenancecarbon monoxide detector, alarm, safety hazards, homeowners9/3/14
Pest-proof your homeHow to pest-proof your homeHome Maintenancepest control, insects, pesticides, pests, homeowners9/3/14
Safety tips for HalloweenSafety tips for HalloweenSeasonalHalloween, holiday, safety, kids, children, family8/26/14
Wise renovationsWise renovations to boost your homes resale valueHome Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancerenovating, renovations, upgrades, upgrading, homeowners, home improvements, curb appeal, resale value8/20/14
Jump-start expired listingsJump-start your expired listingListings and Sales - Sellerssellers, sellers, expired listings8/12/14
Hardy native landscapingSave on your water bills with hardy native landscapingHome Design and Gardeninglandscaping, landscapes, water conservation, water saving, garden, gardening, lawn, yard, desert, plants8/12/14
5 things about your credit score5 things you should know about your credit scoreMortgages and Financecredit score, finance, debt, interest rates, loans, mortgages, foreclosure8/8/14
Be prepared for an emergencyBe prepared to stay. Be very prepared to leave.Miscellaneous/Seasonalemergency, National Preparedness Month, safety, September8/4/14
Kitchen updates10 Quick and Easy Kitchen UpdatesHome Design and Gardening/Home Maintenanceupgrading, kitchen, renovations, upgrades, renovating, homeowners, home improvements7/28/14
Relax - it's summerRelax Ü Its SummerSeasonal/Recipessummer, drinks, alcohol, recipes6/22/14
Back to school checklistBack to School ChecklistSeasonal/Miscellaneousschool, kids, children, checklist, parents, fall6/21/14
Beach checklistBeach Trip ChecklistSeasonal/Miscellaneoussummer, beach, vacation, trip, family, checklist6/12/14
Painting home's exteriorPainlessly painting your homes exteriorHome Design and Gardening/Home Maintenancepainting, exterior, curb appeal, homeowners6/3/14
Find home with buyer's agentFind your home with a buyers agentListings and Sales - Buyershomebuyers, buying, buyers, agents, brokers5/19/14
Join the team - new agentsJoin the team (new agents)Lettersbrokerage, business, new agents, sales agents, salespersons, brokers, company, employees, employment, recruitment, recruiting, career5/18/14
Join the team - active agentsJoin the team (active agents)Lettersbrokerage, business, active agents, sales agents, salespersons, brokers, company, employees, employment, recruitment, recruiting, career5/18/14
Protect your home from fireProtect your home from fireHome Maintenancefire safety, fire hazards, fireproofing, house fires, brush fire, rural, homeowners5/16/14
Student debtStudent debt and homebuyersMortgages and Financerenters, renting, student debt, mortgage, loan, finance, homebuyers, student loans, college graduates, college students, debt-to-income ratio5/2/14
Time your home saleHow to time your home saleListings and Sales - Sellershome sales, sellers, selling4/30/14
Commercial postcardCommercial PostcardCommercial/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Postcards and Hangerscommercial property, new listings, property description, office space, postcard4/28/14
Commercial flyerCommercial FlyerCommercial/Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellerscommercial property, listing, property description, for lease, property photos4/28/14
Property managementIntroduction letter from a property management company to a commercial property landlordLetters/Commercialproperty management, commercial owner, landlord4/15/14
Buy vs. rentBuy versus rent comparison analysisMortgages and Finance/Listings and Sales - Buyersrenting, buying, renters, homebuyers, costs,4/10/14
Strategic defaultStrategic default on your vacation homeMortgages and Financestrategic default, homeowners, underwater, vacation property, rental property, second home, recourse loans, foreclosure4/4/14
Mortgage application smartsMortgage application smartsMortgages and Financemortgage application, refinancing, loan application, homebuyers, loan terms3/11/14
Landscape maintenanceSave on landscape maintenanceHome Design and Gardeninglandscape maintenance, landscaping, gardening, gardens, lawn, grass, yard2/28/14
Prospecting for absentee ownersA prospecting letter for absentee ownersLetters/Investment Propertiesabsentee owners, cash buyers, investing, investment, selling, sellers, apartments1/13/14
Reasons to hire a seller's agent8 reasons to hire an agent to sell your homeListings and Sales - Sellersagents, brokers, sellers, selling, seller's agent, home sales1/3/14
Sweeten your holiday menuSweeten your holiday menu!Seasonal/Recipesrecipes, sweets, baking, food, pastries, holiday12/24/13
Reverse mortgageReverse mortgage smartsMortgages and Financereverse mortgage, finance, loan, equity, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), Federal Housing Administration (FHA)10/10/13
Zillow home valueWill Zillow give you an accurate home value?Listings and Sales - Sellershome value, homeowners, Zillow, estimates, property value, fair market value (FMV), comparable market analysis, sellers, pricing, selling10/10/13
Going solarThinking about going solar?Energy Efficiencysolar power, solar panels, electricity, solar lease, homeowners10/9/13
Deset Valley gardenGrow a beautiful garden year-round! _ Desert ValleysRegional/Home Design and Gardeninggardening, Desert Valley, plants8/8/13
Interior Valley gardenGrow a beautiful garden year-round! _ Interior ValleysRegional/Home Design and GardeningInterior Valley, gardening, plants8/8/13
South Coast gardenGrow a beautiful garden year-round! _ South CoastRegional/Home Design and GardeningSouth Coast, gardening, plants8/8/13
North Coast gardenGrow a beautiful garden year-round! _ North and North CoastRegional/Home Design and GardeningNorth Coast, gardening, plants8/8/13
Actualiza a una casa mšs gratificanteActualiza a una casa mšs gratificanteSpanish TranslationsSpanish, buying8/1/13
Fire danger in your homeAvoid fire danger in your homeHome Maintenancefire safety, fire hazards, fireproofing, house fires, homeowners8/1/13
Time to move on upTime to move on upListings and Sales - Sellershomeowners, buying, buyers, homebuyers, upgrading7/24/13
I have a buyerI have a buyer!Letters/Listings and Sales - Sellersseller's market, sellers, selling, relocating, relocation, existing buyer7/22/13
Buyer (Spanish)I have a buyer! (Spanish version)Spanish TranslationsSpanish, buyer7/22/13
I'm backIm back!Listings and Sales - Buyers/Listings and Sales - Sellers/Lettersagents, brokers, letter, homebuyers, sellers, buyers, selling, buying7/22/13
San Bernardino salesSan Bernardino County _ Now is the time to sell!RegionalSan Bernardino, Inland Empire, selling, sellers, sales, prices, home values7/12/13
Sonoma County salesSonoma County _ Now is the time to sell!RegionalSonoma County, sellers, selling, sales, prices, home values7/12/13
LED bulbsThe buzz about LED bulbsEnergy EfficiencyLED bulbs, lights, light fixtures, lighting, homeowners7/1/13
Agent interview sheetAgent interview sheetListings and Sales - Sellersagents, brokers, interview, listings, sellers, selling6/19/13
Sinking under mortgageSinking under your mortgage?Mortgages and Financemortgage, loan, modification, underwater, homeowners, short sale5/30/13
Easy breezy summer moveAn easy, breezy summer move!Seasonalmoving, summer, relocating5/28/13
San Francisco salesSan Francisco _ Now is the time to sell!RegionalSan Francisco, Bay Area, selling, sellers, sales, prices, home value5/10/13
Loan optionsBRAKE and take a look at your loan options!Mortgages and Financeloans, mortgages, finance, lenders, homebuyers9/24/12
Impound paymentsPaying too much on impound payments?Mortgages and Financeimpound account, escrow account, impound payments, finance, taxes5/29/12
Real estate tax deductionsHelpful guidelines for your real estate tax deductionTaxestax deductions, real estate taxes, property taxes, ad valorem taxes12/6/11
Short salesShort sales: What you need to knowMortgages and Finance/Listings and Sales - Sellersshort sales, mortgage, lender, short payoff, sellers10/10/11
Keep winter outKeep winter out of your homeSeasonal/Energy Efficiency/Home Maintenancewinter, cold, heat, energy9/20/10


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