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Home sales volume
Update 03/23/23

Home prices
Update 03/02/23

Update 02/21/23

Home price-versus-value ratio 
Update 10/18/22

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The Market

Yield spread
Update 03/22/23

Stocks or real estate
Update 10/03/22

Update 12/09/22

Personal savings nationwide
Update 10/24/22

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How to time the market
Update 04/01/21

Labor force participation
Update 11/19/21

CPI: Los Angeles Update 01/29/19

Income vs. CPI
Update 04/05/18

Update 06/15/22

Gold prices
Update 05/19/19

REIT values and returns
Update 01/25/21

S&P 500 earnings and pricing
Update 07/18/22

Household formations
Update 06/29/20

Auto sales and home sales
Update 01/10/18

GDP and the market
Update 11/14/20

Homebuyer sentiment
Update 06/12/18


Current market rates
Update 03/24/23

Federal Funds rate
Update 03/24/22

Buyer purchasing power
Update 01/03/23

Update 02/03/22

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Brokers & Agents

Licensed issued, renewed
Update 04/21/22

Top 50 brokerages
Update 03/01/19

Agent, broker population
Update 01/26/23

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Homeownership by age
Update 02/02/21

California population
Update 05/02/21

Per capita income
Update 12/16/20

GDP, income growth
Update 01/22/21

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Student debt, homeownership
Update 05/15/19

California population
Update 05/02/21

Income, GDP growth
Update 01/22/21

Median age
Update 03/09/21

Graduation rates
Update 03/09/21

Rate of population growth
Update 10/06/19

First-time buyers & new housing
Update 02/08/21

One-person households
Update 09/14/18

First-time buyers & homeownership
Update 09/10/19

California migration
Update 08/22/19

Regional Charts

Los Angeles
Update 02/13/23

Orange County
Update 02/13/23

Update 02/14/23

San Diego
Update 02/14/23

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Update 02/16/23

San Francisco
Update 02/16/23

Santa Clara
Update 02/16/23

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