Updated November 13, 2023.

Over a dozen bills significant to California’s housing market were passed in October 2023, including:

  • AB 225, which requires the Department of Real Estate (DRE) to add three additional sections to the Environmental Hazards Booklet, to cover wildfires, climate change and sea level rise.
  • AB 1508, which requires subsequent updates to the Statewide Housing Plan to include an evaluation and recommendations for increasing the number of first-time homebuyers; and
  • AB 12, which prohibits landlords from demanding a security deposit from a tenant equaling more than one month’s rent — or, no more than two months rent when the landlord is a natural person or an LLC consisting solely of natural persons, or owns no more than two residential properties consisting of no more than four rental units.

Read on for the full list of bills for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session and DRE Regulations which may substantially affect how you do business as a real estate licensee. Reports on passed bills can be found on our New Laws page. Current real estate law is here. This list is updated monthly.

All recent updates are in red below.

Status Legend:

Introduced = Date the bill was originally introduced for consideration. Bill is still being considered, but not yet law.
Amended = Date the bill was last amended. Bill is still being considered, but not yet law.
Enrolled = Bill approved by both houses and pending the governor’s signature.
Passed = Bill signed by the governor and passed into law.
Flag= Bill is particularly relevant to real estate licensees.

CategoryBillStatusStatus DateDescription
ConstructionAB 3122Introduced2/16/24This bill reduces the ability of a local government to impose objective planning standards adopted after the development application is first submitted, as long as the development objectives don't change dramatically from the initial application.