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Buyer-occupant share increases, low sales volume unaffected, Monthly Statistical Update (July 2014): Property buying diminishes when rates and prices rise; As volume shrinks, buyer-occupants
For a competitive edge, cities look up: Why looser zoning is a shot in the arm for the housing
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The carryback disclosure statement – mandated for carryback sales of one-to-four residential units: Form-of-the-Week: Financial Disclosure Statement – For Entering into a Seller Carryback Note
The trustor’s offset statement – the property owner confirms the terms of a trust deed note: Form-of-the-Week: Trustor’s Offset Statement – Form 414 Buying a note and trust
Changing terms on a month-to-month tenancy – landlord’s notice to tenant: Form-of-the-week: 30-day Notice of Change in Rental Terms – Form 570 All



FARM: September Newsletter Use this first tuesday FARM Letter in your marketing. For a list of all our FARM letter templates and
Reinstatement v. redemption What is the difference between reinstatement and redemption?
When reimbursing a residential manager for unpaid wages, is a property owner entitled to a credit for permitting the manager to occupy a rental unit as compensation for their services? A property owner hires a resident manager for a multi-unit residential complex.
Why inflation is low and why it matters The Federal Reserve explains the negative effects of low inflation on price stability.
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All about hazard insurance proceeds Learn about the lender's ability to apply the proceeds from a hazard insurance claim to the balance due on the loan or release the proceeds from a hazard insurance claim to the owner to
Higher mortgage rates equal fewer refinances As refinances continue to slow, mortgage originators are getting nervous.
Student debt weighs down the housing market Get your buyers with student debt on track to homeownership.


The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) and 15-year fixed-rate
View these Orange County regional charts for details on
Following changes in the bedrock of the housing market: