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Brokerage Reminder: Agents beware – 5 signs of a difficult client

The real estate business is about relationships — a people business. Like other professionals, a real estate agent hones their skills and authority through education, training, experience and attitude. Your professional opinions and knowledge are the most valuable asset you bring to a client relationship. Thus, you best serve your clients, and yourself, by maintaining

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New HAMP guidelines increase homeowner incentives

Homeowners who participated in the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are eligible for a new $5,000 principal reduction if they are current on their mortgage six years after their mortgage modification.

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CalBRE responds to your questions

CalBRE responds to reader inquiries about licensing and fee changes and technological upgrades. Thanks to everyone for participating. If you have a CalBRE question or other question you’d like us to address, feel free to email us at 1. CalBRE licensing and education requirements focus mainly on residential real estate, yet many CalBRE licensees

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Providing tax advice to clients

Question: Are agents qualified to provide tax advice to their clients? Answer: Many agents erroneously believe they cannot give their clients advice on the legal and tax aspects of a transaction. Much of the confusion on this aspect of agency is rooted in the local trade union’s code of ethics, which scares agents away from



Starbucks: Moves in and runs with the action

Starbucks fuels higher home value — or so it seems on the surface. Think of the old adage about the chicken or the egg. Which came first? On one side of the aisle, Zillow claims Starbucks fuels neighboring home values. The other side of the discussion holds  the positive demographics of a neighborhood encourages Starbucks