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Latest video published 9/3/2019

  • Word-of-the-Week: Grant deedsWord-of-the-Week: Grant deeds

    Grant deed – A document used to pass a fee simple interest in real estate from the grantor to another individual, unless a lesser interest is stated, such as an easement, life estate or leasehold interest.

  • The Foreclosure Decree and Notice of LevyThe Foreclosure Decree and Notice of Levy

    Introducing the foreclosure decree, court-appointed levying officer and writ of sale.

  • Word-of-the-Week: Lead-based paint hazardWord-of-the-Week: Lead-based paint hazard

    Lead-based paint hazard – Any condition that causes exposure to lead from lead-contaminated dust, soil or paint which has deteriorated to the point of causing adverse human health effects.

  • Suing to ForecloseSuing to Foreclose

    Initiating the judicial foreclosure process by filing a complaint in the Superior Court of the county where the property is located

  • Word-of-the-Week: Installment NotesWord-of-the-Week: Installment Notes

    Installment note - A note calling for periodic payments of principal and interest, or interest only, until the principal is paid in full by amortization or a final/balloon payment.

  • Judicial Foreclosure and Pursuit of the DeficiencyJudicial Foreclosure and Pursuit of the Deficiency

    Pursuit of a money judgment against a property owner under a judicial foreclosure.

  • Word-of-the-Week: Due diligenceWord-of-the-Week: Due diligence

    Due diligence - the efforts of an agent employed to meet the objectives of their client in exchange for a fee.

  • Conveyance by a Trustee’s DeedConveyance by a Trustee’s Deed

    The trustee’s use of a trustee’s deed to transfer title to property to the successful bidder at an auction.

  • Sold to the Highest BidderSold to the Highest Bidder

    The trustee’s acceptance of the final and highest bid from the successful bidder at a nonjudicial foreclosure sale.

  • Word-of-the-Week: EncroachmentWord-of-the-Week: Encroachment

     What is an encroachment? An encroachment is an improvement on real estate which extends onto real estate belonging to another person without their consent. Encroachments frequently take the form of a: building; fence; driveway; or tree. The concept of an encroachment is closely related to trespass, nuisance and boundary disputes. All involve an interference with another person’s property rights. An encroachment ...