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Latest video published 9/3/2019

  • The Exclusive Right-to-Buy Listing AgreementThe Exclusive Right-to-Buy Listing Agreement

    Proper use of an exclusive right-to-buy listing agreement to employ a broker and agent to locate property sought by a buyer

  • Is this a violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act?Is this a violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act?

     This video reviews the rules regarding protections of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, including what discriminatory behavior is prohibited. More information about this topic is available @ More information about our real estate licensing and renewal courses is available @

  • Guaranteed Sale VariationGuaranteed Sale Variation

    A seller’s right to call on the broker to buy the property at a predetermined price when the property does not sell during the listing period

  • Exclusive ListingsExclusive Listings

    Sole right to represent a client under an exclusive listing

  • Is it a violation of appraiser independence?Is it a violation of appraiser independence?

    This video reviews the rules governing appraiser independence under the Truth-in-Lending Act, including prohibitions of conflicts of interest and deliberately inaccurate evaluations.

  • Real Estate Fixtures vs. Trade FixturesReal Estate Fixtures vs. Trade Fixtures

    Which property improvements revert back to the landlord on expiration of a lease?

  • Are they a customer under Regulation P?

    This video reviews the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information, including the rules controlling the sharing of a mortgage applicant's or borrower's sensitive personal information.

  • Other Rules for Terminating a TenancyOther Rules for Terminating a Tenancy

    Additional restrictions and practices when terminating a tenancy in a rent control community or industrial property; 60-day notice to terminate a tenancy-at-will in a mobile home park; 90-day notice to terminate the tenancy of a foreclosed property

  • The Holdover TenancyThe Holdover Tenancy

    The holdover tenant’s retention of a premise without any contractual right to do so; Tenancy-at-sufferance; Use of the holdover rent provision; Deduction of holdover rent from a security deposit

  • The Fixed-Term TenancyThe Fixed-Term Tenancy

    Requirements of a lease agreement; Termination of a fixed-term tenancy; Advantages and disadvantages of a fixed-term tenancy