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Feeling handy? You may be tempted to tackle home repairs or upgrades yourself. This do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude can serve you well — but some projects require a professional touch. How do you know when professional help is needed? Consider these DIY rules:

  1. Keep it safe — Does your project involve electricity, climbing to precarious heights, lead paint or asbestos? Professionals are best for these dangerous jobs because they have the right equipment and experience.
  2. Save money — The number one reason to tackle a DIY project is to save money. Be sure to do the math before you jump into a project, considering any equipment you’ll need to purchase and any time off of work you may need to take.
  3. Make it nice — Before you decide to DIY, be honest with yourself about your abilities. You may enjoy the challenges of installing a new backsplash, but if it doesn’t look professional, all your time, effort and materials will be wasted.

Does your project follow these three rules? Then give DIY a try! Some common DIY projects include installing hardware, painting, minor landscaping and installing shelves.

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