In California, the number of homes sold in September 2018 was 14% lower when compared to the home sales volume in September 2017. Currently, that’s the hot news that hit the real estate market. As we get into 2019, home sales rates are expected to continue slowing down.

What does this mean for real estate agents and agencies? More than ever, they need marketing techniques to make their offers attractive to the target audience. They have to convince that now is the right time for someone to buy property. But that doesn’t mean you’ll rely on pushy sales techniques. No; those don’t work.

You need a sophisticated approach to marketing that delivers value for the target consumer.

Here are 7 interesting real estate marketing ideas that are fresh, current, and creative:

  1. Host an Informational Event for the Local Community

Many people have the idea that they would love to buy property in future. But that idea is indefinite. It’s something they would like to achieve, but don’t have a specific plan on how to do it.

If you host a free informational event for the local community, those who plan to buy homes and those who are not sure will be interested to attend.

This event won’t be heavily promotional. It will be highly educational. You will speak about the home-buying process and you’ll give tips on how people can choose the perfect property. You can advise them how to save money and how to decorate an empty home. You may even turn this idea into a session of events that offer progressive tips.

Needless to say, you’ll also provide brochures that feature the property you offer.

  1. Film an Informative YouTube Video

To reach a wider audience of people who are not in the local community but would like to get property there, you may take your campaign to YouTube.

Just dress professionally (as you usually do). Have your content prepared. Of course you’ll practice beforehand, but you’ll also be very natural so you won’t look like you’ve practiced. Choose a nice setting. This may be your office or the property that’s on sale.

You may film videos on several occasions. One will be about choosing the right neighborhood. Then you can talk about the things to check out when seeing property, the ways to save money, and so on. Needless to say, you’ll constantly include links to your website, where people can check the offer and contact you for more details.

  1. Always Give the Whole Deal

When people decide to buy homes, they are really stressed out. They won’t have full confidence in the agent or the agency they do business with. From their point of view, you’re just trying to sell them the property for the best price you can get. They are afraid that after they make this deal, they will be faced with hidden costs regarding paperwork and repairs. They’ve seen The Money Pit and although it was funny, it’s their biggest nightmare.

You must help them out, so they can gain more confidence in you. Make the offer free of hidden costs. Tell them what renovations they will need to do with a particular property and drop the price a bit, so they won’t be overwhelmed.

Make contracts with contractors, so you’ll bring them clients and they will offer them discounts in return. When you tell the buyers that you can arrange discounts on the needed repairs, you’ll gain their interest.

  1. Do What Millennials Want You to Do

Currently, Millennials are the largest group of home buyers (36%). 65% of them are buying homes for the first time.

You have to adjust your marketing campaign to meet the needs of Millennials. This is a generation that gets information via social media. They have higher values, they like online shopping, and they are not afraid to dig deep in order to get the information they need.

Your marketing campaign needs long-form content that’s informative and valuable. Your brand must be present all over social media, so you can gain the social proof they are after.

Just analyze what this generation wants and deliver it. Find out how much money they make on average, how much they spend on rent, and how much they are willing to invest in a new home. Check out this infographic; it gives you great details.

  1. Target Environmental Issues

The typical campaign of a real estate advertiser focuses on the property and neighborhood. But Millennials (and most other home buyers) take their interests further. They want to make positive changes in this world and they are very concerned about environmental issues.

That’s why your campaign should target those points. Highlight the green features of the property, such as solar energy, energy-efficient isolation and home appliances, and anything else you can think of. If the area is free of factories and is not traffic-heavy, make sure to mention that fact.

  1. Bring That Home Feel into Your Ads

You already know what every home buyer wants: the home feel. The good old trick says: bake cookies before showing property to someone and the smell will make them fall in love. It’s the home feel that gives them the “this is it!” sensation.

Since most people are searching for property online nowadays, you want to showcase that home feel through the marketing campaign. How do you do that?

Start the fireplace, arrange blankets around it, and photograph a family having a good time. Don’t forget the dog and cat! It’s a nice way to make a place feel like a real home.

  1. Get on Quora and Reddit

When people need advice on buying a new home, they don’t just look at marketing campaigns. They want experience. That’s why they ask questions on Quora, Reddit, and other online forums.

Start by researching the community. What questions do they have? Answer them and be very useful. Once you gain the status of an authority, you can start throwing links to your blog and website, so people will get more details. You need to become a trusted member, so the users will click those links and contact you for an actual property.


The real estate industry is moving forward, but we’re still seeing outdated selling techniques. We need to change that. The 7 tips above will get you started, but you won’t stop there! Stay creative and keep delivering more value through your marketing campaigns.