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Constructing, maintaining or replacing boundary fences can be an expensive and work-intensive task. Here are some rules for divvying up costs and labor between you and your neighbors.

You and your neighbors are equally responsible for constructing, maintaining and replacing boundary fences. Before constructing, replacing or doing maintenance on a boundary fence, you’re required to give a 30-day written notice to each neighbor who shares the responsibility for the fence.

Your notice must include:

  • a notification of the presumption of equal responsibility for the boundary fence;
  • the problem to be addressed;
  • the proposed solution;
  • estimated costs;
  • the proposed division of costs; and
  • the proposed timeline to address the problem.

Of course, if you have an alternative arrangement for boundary fence responsibility, that arrangement controls. The responsibility for constructing, maintaining or replacing boundary fences can only be altered or removed by:

  • a written agreement between all affected owners; or
  • an adjoining owner’s court petition to remove or alter their responsibility.

Keep peace with your neighbors and make sure everyone is properly notified when you make changes to a fence.