Use this FARM letter template to recruit active agents to your team.

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Ready to put your skills to use and improve your career? Don’t let your expertise go to waste – come work with us!

As a member of our company, we provide you with these great advantages:

1. Reliable resources and knowledge. Tap into our well of resources to increase your client base and close your deals. Need advertising support or additional coaching? We can help you with that!

2. Be a part of our team. Join a positive environment with other hardworking and successful agents. Surrounding yourself with experienced leaders provides a solid base for your work and guides you toward achieving your business goals.

3. Advance your career. We value your ambition and want to help you realize your full potential as an agent. Our mentorship allows you to surpass your current sales numbers and retain more fees.

4. Company benefits. In addition to these advantages, we offer the following benefits:

a. (insert a positive quality about your company)
b. (insert a positive quality about your company)
c. (insert a positive quality about your company)

Are you ready to become part of a successful brokerage and take your business to the next level? Call me today!