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Organization and planning can lighten the load during your relocation to a new home. Use this moving checklist to simplify your move.

Two months before moving:

  • Sort your belongings and throw out items you don’t want
  • Budget for moving expenses
  • Contact moving companies for estimates

Six weeks before moving:

  • Gather medical and dental records for your family members
  • Start your search for healthcare providers in your new location
  • Contact your insurance companies to discuss policy updates
  • Cancel any memberships to local groups and organizations
  • Finalize travel arrangements if moving long-distance
  • Order moving supplies, such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap
  • Hold a garage sale to sell items you don’t need
  • If you have kids, contact the new school(s) to obtain enrollment information and transfer records

One month before moving:

  • Contact utility companies to discontinue service on your move-out date and set up utility accounts in your new home for:
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Gas
    •  Sewer
    • Trash
    • Telephone
    • Cable and internet
  • Book a moving company and confirm your moving details with them
  • Begin packing items you use less frequently and note valuable items for possible insurance coverage from your moving company
  • Label boxes as you pack to make unpacking in your new home easier
  • Complete a change-of-address at the local post office
  • Notify your service and bill companies of your move, including credit card companies and banks

Two weeks before moving:

  • Schedule time off work for your move-in day
  • Pack, pack, pack!
  • Arrange for your new home to be cleaned, if needed
  • Plan meals to empty your fridge by your move-out day and limit the amount of food you pack

Week of your move:

  • Finish your packing, but keep the essentials in suitcases for easy access
  • Empty and defrost your refrigerator at least 24 hours before your move-out

Move-out day:

  • Supervise any hired labor as they load your belongings
  • Pack the important items last so they are ready to unload sooner
  • Check each room to ensure you don’t leave anything behind

Are you ready to find a new home and put this checklist to use? Call me for an appointment today!