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A few eye-catching improvements to your home’s exterior makes your home stand out.

  • Use a power washer to clean the siding, clear out the cobwebs on the ceiling of your porch, wash fences and push the dirt off the driveway. Do not power wash your roof, as it can cause damage to shingles or tiles.
  • Thoroughly clean water-related features. Remove leaves, debris and algae from ponds, water fountains or birdbaths. Make sure to clean any water filters.
  • Ensure your lawn sprinklers and any misters are in working order. If any sprinkler and emitter heads are malfunctioning or you notice a dying patch of grass, have the system professionally repaired.
  • Bring color to your yard with flowerbeds and mulch. Use contrasting colors to make the flowerbeds pop: light mulch, dark plants or dark mulch, light plants.
  • When trees and shrubs get out of control, trim them into squares or spheres. You can do this easily with electronic hedge clippers. A landscaper’s tip for easier trimming: lay a sheet or tarp around the bush before you begin trimming so leaves can be easily picked up and thrown away.
  • A new welcome mat will make your front porch more inviting.
  • Don’t forget the backyard, especially if it can be viewed from the street.

A day working in the yard will make a huge difference in bringing buyers through the front door and, hopefully, to the bidding table.