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Looking for some leisurely, outdoor fun? Plan a picnic! Here are some tips for the perfect picnic in sunny California.

Where to go
State parks and national parks are great places to picnic, with features like forests, beaches and natural monuments. Look for a state park near you at

Or, check out local city parks. Rose gardens and dog-friendly parks offer relaxing atmospheres and plenty of room for your pets – and kids – to run free.

Look for places with activities. Parks featuring ponds or lakes may allow fishing or duck feeding.

Picnic at an orchard for fruit-picking family fun. Tip: Bring a jar of Nutella to sweeten your loot!

For the more adventurous picnicker, seek out local hiking trails. Many trails have outlets and benches perfect for picnic breaks – your food will taste even better at the top!

What to bring

Prepare a picnic basket with these supplies:

  • blanket
  • disposable plates and utensils
  • food in plastic containers
  • reusable bottles for beverages
  • napkins
  • trash bags
  • ice packs

Picnic dishes

Here are some popular picnic snacks:

  • potato salad
  • fried chicken
  • sandwiches
  • fruit
  • cheese and crackers
  • pasta salad
  • lemonade
  • cold cuts

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