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September is National Preparedness Month so take the time now to get your household geared up.

Emergency preparedness kit

Food and water: Keep a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water. Each person in your household should have one gallon of water per day. If you have pets, or are in a warmer climate, store extra water.

First aid: Keep the following supplies in a first aid kit for your household:

  • two pairs of sterile gloves;
  • sterile dressings;
  • adhesive bandages;
  • antibiotic wipes and ointment;
  • burn ointment;
  • eye wash solution;
  • a thermometer;
  • a medicine dropper;
  • prescribed medications and medical supplies;
  • non-prescription drugs such as pain relievers, anti-diarrhea medication, antacids or laxatives; and
  • a first aid book.

Clothing and bedding: Include one set of warm clothing and a pair of shoes per person. Also keep a blanket or sleeping bag.
Other important essentials: These things just come in handy:

  • cell phone and charger;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • a crank flashlight and radio; and
  • essentials for infants or seniors.

Make a disaster plan

  1. Learn about your area: What types of natural or manmade disasters could happen in the region where you live? Where are the shelters near you?
  2. Form a plan: Everyone should know where to meet in an emergancy and what to do in the event of an evacuation.
  3. Check your home: Everyone needs to know what’s in the house and how to use it. Where is the emergency kit or the fire extinguisher? Do the children know how to dial 911? Do you have escape routes out of the house?
  4. Practice the plan: Maintain safety equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in good condition. Drill emergency and evacuation procedures.

Stay safe, and call me if you’re thinking about selling!