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Keep your lawn and yard pristine without bleeding the green

To stay green, your lawn requires a lot of water and fertilizer. Reduce these costs by:

  • watering your lawn only one to two inches per week;
  • keeping mower blades sharp and clean to trim grass for maximum moisture retention;
  • mowing your lawn to no lower than two to three inches to reduce root exposure and water evaporation;
  • investing in a self-mulching lawn mower and letting the cuttings fertilize the lawn; and
  • reducing the size of your lawn or removing it altogether — less lawn does not mean a less vibrant yard!

Make your yard green and cost-effective by planting:

  • drought-resistant plants;
  • seeds or young plants, as they are cheaper than buying fully grown plants; and
  • trees and plants native to your area to eliminate the need for extra watering.

Balance out your yard beautification costs by planting fruit trees and a vegetable garden. Growing food reduces grocery costs while adding color and greenery.

Remember, a beautiful, low-maintenance yard attracts buyers!

Want more advice on how to get your yard and house market ready? Give me a call. I’ll help you get the most out of your home sale!