This is the second episode in our new two-part series covering how to successfully convert a set of neighborhoods into a vibrant collective of owners branded to a dedicated agent through an ongoing and diligent FARMing campaign. See the prior episode which covers choosing your brand.  

Marketing your brand

When implementing a successful FARMing campaign, consistency, persistence and commitment is key. It takes 3-5 years before FARMing begins to pay off with a steady stream of transactions. Consider each door knock an investment of energy in your future career. In the meantime, you are always prospecting when in conversation with anyone, and that means asking for information that generates a lead.

Explore all possible leads. After each conversation, ask if the homeowner knows three neighbors or acquaintances who are considering buying or selling. Get their name and email address. Google search them, learn something personal about them. When a good lead does not answer the phone, email or knock on the door during the week, try again on the weekend.

A 50% effort yields a 50% return. Make a schedule for your FARMing activities and stick to it. Dedication is good, and pays well. Do not expect a relaxed schedule and easy money. Laidback agents who do not quickly revise their expectations will soon find themselves making a career change pivot.

Other residential specializations to mention in your marketing are:

  • first-time homebuyer expert;
  • Spanish-speaking or bilingual;
  • experience with luxury homes; or
  • distressed property negotiator.

If you specialize in multiple forms of real estate, order different business cards for each specialty. That way, if you run into someone interested in buying their first home, you can hand them the business card which says “The first-time homebuyer specialist.” Likewise, when you speak with a residential investor, you can hand them your “Residential investment specialist” card.

Do note that agents cannot brand themselves as “independent real estate practitioners” who provide real estate services without the supervision of an employing broker. No. A DRE-licensed agent cannot advertise themselves as an “independent” or “freelance” licensee. To do so, they of course would first need to obtain a broker license.

Once you have the perfect brand for your business, how do you put yourself out there and get more clients? Infuse your brand into all forms of marketing, including your:

  • agent website;
  • professional email signature;
  • business cards;
  • FARM materials that you drop off while door knocking in the neighborhood(s) you FARM;
  • signs; and
  • mailed marketing materials which you send to former and potential clients.

Plan the timing of your strategy, be consistent, and keep in mind it will take several months or even years before you notice an effect. Thus, it’s important to set aside time in your schedule and money in your budget to market yourself over several months.

If you’re completely new to real estate marketing, it will likely take three-to-five years before marketing your brand pays off with a reliable stream of clients. On the other hand, if you already have past clients but are changing your brand to reflect a need in the community, the results will arrive somewhat sooner.

Also consider investing in a couple out-of-the-box marketing strategies. For instance, become “the engaged real estate agent” by sponsoring a stretch of highway or volunteering to sponsor a local youth sports team. Your sincerity and service to the community become part of your brand — not to mention the opportunities you’ll find to meet new clients while engaging with other community volunteers.

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Avoid these common mistakes

Once you’ve nailed down your brand image and marketing strategy, go back to check for common errors before implementing it. Once you’ve built a brand, it’s difficult to change, especially if you’ve made a negative impression on your community — so get it right the first time.


  • using all capital letters to describe yourself or your services — it comes off as insincere, more like a used car salesperson than a trustworthy professional;
  • misspellings or grammatical mistakes — this makes you look either unintelligent or unable to pay attention to detail, which are traits clients don’t want in their real estate agent; and
  • giving up on your brand strategy after only a few months of marketing, as it will take months or years before the payoff is noticeable.