Public Resources Code §25402.13 

Amended by A.B. 178

Effective date: January 1, 2020

California’s legislature is removing one obstacle to rebuilding for residential homeowners whose homes were damaged or destroyed before January 1, 2020 by a state-declared disaster.

Until January 1, 2023, construction to repair these types of residential buildings will not need to comply with current photovoltaic (PV) requirements. Instead, certain homeowners may repair or rebuild their PV system to meet the requirements in place at the time of the original construction.

A PV system is made up of one or more solar panels and other components like the inverter, mounting and cabling that make up the system which converts solar light into electricity.

To be eligible, the homeowner needs to:

  • have an income at or below the county’s median income;
  • complete the construction on the site of the original home that was damaged or destroyed;
  • not have had code upgrade insurance when the home was damaged; and
  • ensure the new construction does not exceed the property’s square footage at the time it was damaged.