Taco Bell is contesting the patent Taco John’s has on the phrase “Taco Tuesday,” arguing the expression has entered common usage and become part of the public lexicon, like “brunch” or “what’s up?”

Yes indeed, “Taco Tuesday” has become a generic expression used and understood by many.

Closer to home in real estate, firsttuesday is known for its long-established California-specific content, skillfully produced in-house for real estate licensees.

What’s in a name?

Well, a lot actually.

The name firsttuesday is a reference to Texas foreclosure laws. Historically, foreclosure sales in the Lone Star State only took place on the second Tuesday of each month. Therefore, licensees and homeowners who armed themselves with knowledge on the first Tuesday were more educated, primed and prepared to avoid a lender’s potentially nefarious actions.

Reading the firsttuesday Journal remains a way for real estate licensees to be just that — prepared for the constantly shifting market and rules of conduct.

firsttuesday began as a printed trade journal and lecture circuit before evolving into a leading Department of Real Estate (DRE)-approved provider of real estate licensing and renewal education. firsttuesday’s next evolutionary step was into the world of video and multi-media presentation, becoming the first — and only — California course provider to offer a video-based renewal course.

We now boast a full staff of writers and researchers, videographers, programmers, designers, actors and more, who each contribute to the firsttuesday Journal.

Hardly a “generic” school and publisher.

Today, our students are the backbone of our writings and videos, not politicians, trade unions or big companies. Our free content posted on the firsttuesday Journal — articles, 400+ forms, videos, games, marketing materials, charts, the weekly Quilix newsletter — is all provided by enrollments from our students. On your reading of the firsttuesday Journal, you quickly see how we keep California’s agents and brokers one solid step ahead by narrating California’s volatile real estate market.

While other course providers choose to be as generic as the phrase Taco Tuesday, firsttuesday is committed to being original and true to California, where it was born in 1978.

Unlike Taco John’s, no one has challenged our claim to firsttuesday in all these years.

firsttuesday — more original than Taco Tuesday (and certainly more educationally nutritious).

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