first tuesday Journal

Since 1979, the first tuesday Journal has provided quality, data-driven news and analysis for California real estate professionals.

What does “first tuesday” mean?

Though based in California, “first tuesday” is a reference to Texas foreclosure laws. Historically, foreclosure sales took place on the second Tuesday of each month. The first tuesday Journal was established as a resource to use before wrangling with lenders on the second Tuesday of the month. Our students and readers are the backbone of our magazine, not politicians, trade unions or big companies.

Meet the editorial team

Fred Crane

Chairman & Legal Editor

Connor Wallmark

President & Production Manager

Mary LaRochelle

Accounts Manager & Graphic Designer

Oscar M. Alvarez


Benjamin Smith

Writer & Editor

Bethany Correia

Writer & Editor

Carrie B. Reyes

Writer & Editor

Emily Kordys

Writer & Editor

Greg Bretado

Writer & Editor

John Rojas

Lead Videographer

Quinn Stevenson


William Mansfield

Consulting Instructor