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Congratulations on your new home! Now that you’re a homeowner, here’s a list of essential tasks and tools you’ll need to make the transition into homeownership:

Moving Day: Give your employer two weeks’ notice of your move, and take the day off to supervise the process.

Arrange for movers: Start shopping moving companies two months before your move. If you’re not hiring a moving company, ask your friends and family for help well in advance.

Moving supplies: Six weeks before your move, purchase boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other packing materials and begin packing your belongings.

Change the locks and keys: You can visit your local hardware store or call a locksmith to re-key your locks.

Essentials box: You want to pack this box last and open it first. Essentials include extra change of clothes for each family member, paper plates and napkins, snacks, toilet paper, all-purpose cleaner, bedding, toys and blankets. You wouldn’t need to search for these items when you need them most.

Clean: Before move-in day, clean the walls and flooring so you don’t have to worry about cleaning around furniture and furnishing when you’re unpacked.

Change your address: File a change of address with the post office about a month before you move for each person in your household. Notify banks, utilities, the IRS, your employer and family and friends of your new address.

Utilities: Contact your new provider two weeks in advance of your move to ensure the utilities are turned on by the time you move in.

Buy your appliances: Do some comparison shopping to ensure you get the best deal. You could also ask people you know if they have one to spare.