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Beat the heat this summer with these tips:

  1. Stay HYDRATED. Drink water throughout the day. Replenish electrolytes with sports drinks like Gatorade.
  2. Wear SUNSCREEN and reapply often. Don’t forget your ears and scalp!
  3. Dress for the heat with loose, airy CLOTHING that will let your skin breathe.
  4. Check for HOT SURFACES. Be sure slides are cool enough for your kids. Check that sidewalks aren’t too hot for your pet’s paws.
  5. Never leave your child or pet in a CAR. Temperatures rise quickly in closed vehicles.
  6. Avoid ALCOHOL. Heat and alcohol aren’t a good mix. If you do indulge, do so in a cool area or an air-conditioned building, and alternate between alcohol and water.
  7. Check for INSECT BITES. Ticks and mosquitos are rampant during the summer. Steer clear of stagnant water and check yourself for ticks after hikes and outdoor activities.
  8. Stay vigilant. HEAT STROKE begins with leg cramps and escalates quickly. If you feel cramps, dizziness or exhaustion, get to a cool area and rehydrate.
  9. COOL your body. Place ice packs on your neck to cool yourself. Really feeling the heat? Take a cold shower to lower your body temperature.

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