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Are you ready to retire and downsize your home? Here are some ways to prepare for the move and make the process easier.

  1. Research your ideal new home. Look into condominiums and senior communities to see if they have benefits you’ll enjoy. Select an easily accessible home with added features like grab bars or non-slip floors to ensure your future comfort.
  2. Fit your furniture to the space. Chances are you have some larger pieces of furniture that won’t fit in your new home. Keep only essential furniture in good condition.
  3. Clear out your garage. If you’re moving to a senior community or other organized community, you may not have to worry about yard work. Get rid of tools and equipment you won’t need in your new home, like lawnmowers or large power tools.
  4. Recycle your kitchenware. Donate or dispose of any extra pots, pans or other large items in your kitchen.
  5. Distribute sentimental items. Collectibles, art projects, report cards and baby clothes are full of wonderful memories, but you may not have room for them in your new home. Let your family take home sentimental items they want, and let go of the rest.
  6. Give the kids their stuff. If you have grown children, have them claim their belongings that take up space in your home.
  7. Hold a garage sale. If many items you don’t need are in good condition, a garage sale is an easy way to collect some cash. Sell what you can and donate the items that remain.
  8. Make downsizing an event. Downsizing can be difficult – you are saying goodbye to a beloved family home, after all. Invite your family and neighbors to come help you with the process, and have snacks or an easy dinner to make it more fun. Giving your home a proper farewell may help you get ready to move on.

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