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Add some brightness to your home this season! Take a look at this list of flowers to get ideas for making your home a brighter place, and a home your friends and neighbors will admire.

  • Knock-Out Roses — Unlike traditional roses, Knock-Outs tend to be more heat tolerant and disease resistant, producing vibrant and beautiful blooms 5-6 weeks from spring until the first hard frost.
  • Geraniums — Another colorful group, geraniums bloom all summer long. Some even emit a fragrance known to repel mosquitos! Geraniums grow best in full sun and well-drained soil and bloom in late spring until frost.
  • Petunias — As annual flowering plants and one of the most popular bedding flowers, petunias are quite the fruitful bloomers. They look great in hanging baskets and bloom throughout the summer, but are sensitive to extreme heat and frost.
  • Night-Blooming Jasmine — A semi-tropical evergreen shrub, night-blooming jasmine produces its sweet perfume most prominently from July through October.
  • Marigolds — Marigolds are easy to grow and add a rich orange vibrancy to any garden. This annual blooms in spring, summer and fall, and does best basking in the full sun. Some species are edible.
  • Zinnias — Zinnias are recommended for beginning gardeners because they are easy to grow, grow quickly and bloom bountifully. Zinnias have bright, daisy-like flower heads and are suitable for edging and window boxes. Plant zinnias in full sun. These flowers will hold their bloom until the first frost.

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