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Word-of-the-Week: Riparian Rights

   What are riparian rights? Water belongs in one of two categories: surface water, consisting of watercourses, lakes, springs, marshes, ponds, sloughs, and any other water flowing over the surface...

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DFPI Bulletin Digest: April 2021

The April 2021 DFPI Bulletin focuses on COVID-19 relief, PACE solicitor sanctions and financial education grants. Editor’s note — The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI, formerly the Department of Business Oversight), supervises,...

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Errata & Updates

  • Chapter 3: The Agency Law Disclosure. The updated statutory Agency Law Disclosure and confirmation provision went into effect the beginning of 2019. Both the content of the form and when it is to be used have been modified. Further, prior printings indicate the Agency Law Disclosure is not required on a lease with a term exceeding one year. However, lease transactions greater than one year are targeted transactions requiring the disclosure. For a thorough analysis of the new disclosure and confirmation practices, see the digital eBook version of the book.
  • Chapter 72: Home mortgage interest deductions. The definition for principal residence on page 472 is partially obscured. It should read “The residential property where the homeowner resides a majority of the year.”
  • Quiz 3 Question 3 has been simplified to read:
    California anti-discrimination law is enforced by:
    a. the Department of Business Oversight (DBO).
    b. the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.
    c. the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
    d. Fannie Mae.