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Deepen your understanding of the forms used in brokerage services. This volume covers the agency, disclosure, and contract law concepts fundamental to your practice  and more!
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Career Coach: choosing the right broker

As a newly licensed California Department of Real Estate (DRE) sales agent, your first use of the license before any engagement as an agent in sales, property management or mortgage originations is to find a suitable broker to employ you as their agent. As a licensed...

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Career Coach: creating your power base

The following is an excerpt from the new edition of the firsttuesday Career Manual, a best practices guide to help new real estate licensees establish their personal brands and boost income. Instead of focusing solely on a marketable persona, agents looking to get...

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Errata & Updates

  • Chapter 7: The updated statutory Agency Law Disclosure and confirmation
    provision went into effect the beginning of 2019. Both the content of the form
    and when it is to be used have been modified. Further, prior printings indicate
    the Agency Law Disclosure is not required on a lease with a term exceeding one
    year. However, lease transactions greater than one year are targeted
    transactions requiring the disclosure.
  • Chapter 12: The first heading on page 105 now reads “Demand for a fee earned.”
  • Quiz 12: A previous printing misstated the answer to Question 5 as False. The
    answer has been corrected to read True in subsequent printings.