Following continual violations and complaints from homeowners and tenants, California’s legislature has passed a new law ensuring on-site or off-site managers maintain mobilehome park living conditions.

By May 1, 2025, Senate Bill (SB) 869 will require the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to adopt regulations requiring mobilehome managers to undergo bi-yearly training to ensure the health and safety of homeowners and tenants in mobilehome parks. The current lack of managerial training has led to an unsafe living environment for homeowners and tenants, including:

  • cases of discrimination;
  • unexplained raises in rent;
  • rule changes with no notice;
  • unlawful evictions; and
  • substandard living conditions, according to the legislature’s Bill Analysis.

This training will include six-to-eight hours of education during the initial year, including completion of an annual end-of-year online examination. The training needs to occur within one year of the person’s hiring date or by May 1, 2026, whichever is later.

Every two years thereafter, the training will consist of two-to-four hours of education and an online examination. Coursework may include lectures, instructional videos and online courses.

Training will be offered by third-party course providers authorized by the HCD and will include subjects such as:

  • prevention of discriminatory practices;
  • lawful enforcement of the rental agreement;
  • lawful enforcement of park regulations;
  • lawful increases of rent, fees, and utilities;
  • lawful termination of tenancy;
  • emergency preparedness and procedures;
  • a clear understanding of managerial responsibilities;
  • responsiveness to both homeowners’ and tenants’ complaints;
  • transfer of mobilehome or mobilehome park;
  • mobilehome title and registration; and
  • maintenance of park conditions.

Managers will be required to pass an annual examination displaying an understanding of their duties. Thereafter, a written notice will be issued three months prior to their renewal date. A copy of the certificate will be posted in a conspicuous location onsite.

When the manager does not pass the required education, the manager’s permit will be suspended.

An explicit shake up  

This is just one of the many changes California’s legislature has made to the educational requirements of California real estate professionals. For instance, appraiser licensees receive anti-bias training as part of their continuing education requirements to address recurring discriminatory practices during the appraisal process. Real estate licensees are also now required to take anti-bias training with their continuing education.

Now, educational requirements for mobilehome park manager populations will alleviate these same discriminatory practices homeowners and tenants have encountered within mobilehome parks.

firsttuesday’s two-hour Implicit Bias training will prepare real estate professionals to identify and counteract elements of systemic racism — conscious and unconscious — in real estate transactions.

Current firsttuesday students may access their required course by logging into their existing accounts. Students who are not yet enrolled may visit the order page. Or give our customer service team a call at 951-781-7300.

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