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What is an RSS feed?

An RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed is a stream of data – articles, blog entries, audio, video – published online and delivered automatically to subscribers via a third-party RSS reader.  For more information about RSS feeds, please click here.

Subscribing to an RSS feed

You will subscribe to an RSS feeder through a feed reader.  Google Reader is the most popular stand-alone reader, although Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome have built-in RSS functionality.  Mobile devices and tablets also offer multiple RSS feed readers as apps.  Simply click on any of the links below, and your browser will direct you on how to subscribe. In Internet Explorer and Safari, your feeds will be added as bookmarks, accessible through the bookmark menu.  In Firefox and Chrome, you will be given the choice of application to use.

Unsubscribing from an RSS feed

To unsubscribe from a feed through Google Reader, click here. To unsubscribe from a feed received through Microsoft Outlook, click here. To unsubscribe from a feed based on a bookmark, first access your feed, then select the feed you wish to remove.  Right-click (or Ctrl-click on Macs) and select the “remove” or “delete” option.  More information on unsubscribing can be found by searching for “RSS” in the “Help” section of your feed reader.