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flashlight and batteries;
sleeping bags and pillows;
maps for hiking trails;
canteens or reusable water bottles;
first aid kit, including insect repellent and sunscreen;
firewood and matches or a lighter (first, make sure fires are allowed);
snacks (Trail Mix, granola bars);
pots, pans and disposable utensils; and
clothing for various weather conditions.

Pack appropriate clothing and shoes for hiking trails: shorts, t-shirts, athletic socks and tennis shoes or hiking boots.
No campfire is complete without s’mores! Bring chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers – and metal skewers to get perfectly browned marshmallows.
If you plan to go hunting or fishing, be sure you have the appropriate licenses. See for requirements.
If you plan to go boating or do watersports, be sure to pack a swimsuit and lifejackets.
Bring extra blankets and cozy up under the night sky for an evening of stargazing.

Bears: Keep your food items and toiletries locked in the large metal bear boxes on your campsite.
Bugs: Check your sleeping bags and tents for spiders or other insects before you settle in for the night. Check your clothes and exposed skin for ticks after hiking.
Botany: When out on the trails, keep your eyes peeled for poison oak and other toxic plants.
Buddies: Always bring someone with you when venturing outdoors. Many campsites have spotty cell reception, so you need a buddy in case of emergency.

Have a great trip! If you’re ready to sell your home, give me a call today!