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Fire harden your home today

California’s wildfire season is officially in full swing. Fire hardening your home reduces the chance of ignition from direct flames, radiant heat, and stray embers from a wildland fire.

Use this list to survey your home for ember- and fire-resistant upgrades.

WINDOWS can break from heat exposure before the home is aflame.

  • Install or upgrade to multi-pane tempered glass
  • Remove all vegetation or other combustible materials within 5 feet of windows and glass doors

GARAGES are especially vulnerable as ember and ash can enter as easily as dust.

  • Install weather stripping or gaskets under and around the garage door
  • Learn how to operate your garage door when there is no power

ROOFS bear the greatest exposure risk to fire embers.

  • Replace your roof with Class-A fire rated materials such as tile, metal, asphalt, or shingles
  • Plug gaps between the roof covering and sheathing to prevent embers from entering

It’s never too late to design a fire-hardening plan. Contact me to discuss more ways to protect your property and its resale value.

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