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People love the holiday season. To keep your holiday decorations enjoyable and safe, keep in mind these safety tips.

Candles: Keep anything flammable away from a lit candle. Place the candles out of the reach of children or pets. Blow out the candles when you need to leave the room or go to bed.

Christmas tree: Water the tree to keep it hydrated. Place the tree away from any heat sources. Make sure the tree is not blocking entryways or foot traffic. Hang fragile Christmas ornaments on higher tree branches away from the reach of children and pets. Turn off lights before going to bed.

Electric lights: Lights will be labeled for either indoor or outdoor use. Throw out lights with worn or torn wires. Replace missing or cracked bulbs. Read labels to make sure you are following acceptable wattage levels and are not overloading the circuits.

Outdoor decorations: Fully secure outdoor holiday decorations so they don’t get blown away or stolen. Put lights and fans on a timer so you don’t forget to turn them off. Use waterproof electrical connectors.

Ladders: Ensure your safety by making sure ladders are on level and sturdy ground. They must also be able to support not only your weight, but the weight of the decorations.

Holiday plants: Be sure to keep plants such as mistletoe or poinsettia away and out of the reach of your pets.

Cleaning up: After the holidays, check with your city or waste management company to see if they have a tree recycling program. Carefully take down outdoor decorations and inspect them for damage.

Have a great holiday! Keep my contact information handy for all your housing needs.