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With the drought and mandated water use reduction, Californians are looking for alternatives to their water-guzzling lawns. Here are the pros and cons of installing an artificial lawn.

It saves water. You can reduce 50%-70% of total residential water usage and significantly reduce your water bill for years. Plus, you may qualify for local rebates from your water company for removing your lawn and installing artificial turf.

It reduces maintenance time and cost. No more mowing, watering, weeding, seeding, thatching or fertilizing.

It reduces pollution. No more fertilizer draining into the ocean, no more pollution from mowers and no more hazardous chemical weed-killers needed.

It looks green all year. No need to worry about dried, fading or unkempt-looking grass.

It has a long life expectancy. An artificial lawn lasts 15 years or more.

It’s costly. Materials, installment operation fees for loading, hauling, dumping and delivery and labor are just a few costs to consider when installing artificial turf. Costs can range into the thousands.

It retains heat. Artificial grass retains much more heat than a natural lawn, making it too hot to play on. The temperature of the turf could rise to more than 120 degrees on a 98-degree day.

It’s not biodegradable. Manufacturing artificial turf is energy-intensive and requires use of rubber and plastics, which will eventually end up in landfills.

It needs cleaning. You will have to clean up, not just rinse off, any messes that could be a health hazard, like blood or pet excrement.

Before you commit, do your research and look at the factors that apply to you, your home and your environment.

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