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California is to reduce water usage 25% throughout 2015. Here are some ways to reduce your water use — and save 25% on your water bill.

  • Install low-flow fixtures — Showerheads with a flow rate of no more than 2.5 gallons  per minute and aerators on faucets with no more than 1.0 gallons per minute significantly drop your overall water usage, helping you achieve tangible water savings.
  • Remove your thirsty lawn — Sprinkler heads can leak and irrigation systems are inefficient. Removing your lawn will save a lot of water — and a lot of cash.
  • Plant drought-resistant plants — Plant native plants, cacti or succulents. They all require less water and upkeep.
  • Don’t leave water running, ever — Heat water on the stove to heat it up instead of letting water run in the sink. Turn off the shower when soaping up and turn off the faucet when brushing teeth or washing face. Less flow time, less water used!
  • Limit shower time — Decreasing shower time to five minutes with a low-flow shower head uses 12.5 gallons of water or less, compared to 37.5 gallons used for an average 15 minute shower.
  • Fill plastic bottles with sand and place them in the toilet tank — Weighted bottles displace water, requiring less of it to fill the tank after each flush.
  • Save unused water — Use unused drinking water to water your plants, fill dishwashing basins or spot-clean surfaces.
  • Collect rain water for other uses — Place buckets outside when it rains and use this water to water plants, wash your car, or do laundry.
  • Sweep, don’t spray — Not only can you be fined, but you can also save 80 gallons a year by sweeping walkways instead of hosing them down.

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