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Bring the holiday warmth to your home this season with a safe and festive light display.

  1. Consider hanging your lights early in the season to avoid cold, wet weather that may pose a safety hazard.
  2. Measure and map out a general plan to determine how many strings of lights your home requires.
  3. Choose a size and wattage that fits your needs. Mini-lights are less expensive and use less energy. Larger C7 or C9 lights are more durable and remain lit even if one bulb dies.
  4. Select shorter strings of light to avoid losing a large portion of your display if one string malfunctions.
  5. Test for any dead bulbs to ensure your lights work properly.
  6. Plug your extension cords into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Be sure the total wattage of your lights doesn’t exceed the capacity of your outlet.
  7. Install hooks and clips along surfaces on which you’ll thread your lights.
  8. Mix up your light display to highlight multiple architectural features on your home. Complement your focal points by hanging additional lights along paths, doors, windows and around trees, planters and bushes.
  9. Space your lights a few inches apart so they don’t blend into each other. This also saves you money as you’ll use a smaller number of lights.
  10. Hook your lights up to an automatic timer so they turn on when the sun dips and switch off at dawn.