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A property owner seeks a tax refund from the county, claiming they are paying for land that does not exist on parcel maps but does on a tax assessor's map..

Is a property owner entitled to a tax refund for land that does not appear on parcel maps, but does on an assessor’s maps?

Is a property owner entitled to a tax refund for land that does not appear on parcel maps, but does on an assessor’s maps?

Facts: A property owner records a parcel map of their undeveloped land showing one lot. The county tax assessor divides the owner’s land into two lots on the assessor’s map used for tax assessment purposes. The county bills the owner for both lots on the assessor’s map and the owner pays the tax for both

Fair Housing Act

Case in Point: Is a state housing agency liable for disparate impact under the Fair Housing Act when their actions result in continuing segregation?

The U.S. Supreme Court rules on whether housing agencies are liable for disparate impact, regardless of intent, according to the federal Fair Housing Act.

The city approves the developer’s proposal on the condition the developer reserves the land to be later used for the highway reconstruction project citing eminent domain.

May a city require developers to set aside a portion of their land without paying compensation in advance of a public works project?

Facts: A developer owns a vacant parcel of land next to a highway and submits a proposal for a development project to the city. The city has plans to reconstruct the highway, which requires the acquisition of a portion of the developer’s land. However, the city’s highway reconstruction project is postponed due to lack of

After death of the property owner, the spouse was given a life estate and does not mean the spouse had the power to legally encumber it.

Does a surviving spouse’s life estate confer ownership of a property when they obtain a mortgage on the property?

A property owner dies. The property owner’s will grants their spouse a life estate with a power of sale in their separate property, providing the spouse the right to occupy the property for the duration of the spouse’s lifetime.


Is an owner entitled to money losses when a mortgage holder forecloses while a mortgage modification application is pending?

A homeowner obtains a purchase-assist mortgage and later defaults. The mortgage holder begins foreclosure and eventually records a notice of trustee’s sale (NOTS), after which a new servicer takes over the mortgage.