An open letter to Sacramento and Congress:  first tuesday’s legislative proposals for a stable, more vigorous California real estate market.  The most recent updates are shown in red. Proposed changes recently enacted by the California Legislature are shown in green.

Updated 02/26/18



CALIFORNIA: Foregoing needless political correctness in legislative language
CALIFORNIA: Correcting urban zoning along metro lines to promote higher density housing
CALIFORNIA: Including economics in all standard high school curriculum

Property Disclosures

CALIFORNIA: Requiring a Criminal Activity Disclosure Statement on all single family residential (SFR) sales
CALIFORNIA: Requiring a statement disclosing an SFR’s operating expenses
CALIFORNIA: Applying use of the agency law disclosure to all properties

Landlord/Tenant Relationships

CALIFORNIA: Establishing parameters and time periods for late charges on residential rentals
CALIFORNIA: Establishing statutory late charges and grace periods for residential rental and lease agreements
CALIFORNIA: Eliminating rent control across the state


FEDERAL: Phase in the Qualified Residential Mortgage
FEDERAL: Reinstate California’s restraints on lender use of “due-on” clauses
FEDERAL: Returning mortgage principal reduction power to bankruptcy judges
CALIFORNIA: Discontinuing the CAL-VET program
FEDERAL: Changing federal housing policy to provide mortgage assistance by eliminating the MID


CALIFORNIA: Reestablish the CalBRE Code of Ethics
CALIFORNIA: Real estate licensing for the industry’s “gray area” practitioners
CALIFORNIA: Mandating the disclosure of an employing or corporate broker’s license number on all first-point-of-contact materials
CALIFORNIA: Establishing a CalBRE Office Management endorsement, and an apprenticeship requirement for new sales agents
CALIFORNIA: Creating more rigorous standards for the Real Estate Commissioner


CALIFORNIA: Oversight of qualified intermediaries in §1031 exchanges
CALIFORNIA: Requiring licensees to discuss known tax aspects of a transaction as part of their fiduciary duties
CALIFORNIA: Amending Proposition 13

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