1. What is a VA mortgage?
2. Who is eligible for a VA mortgage?
3. How much of the mortgage is guaranteed by the VA?
4. What is the entitlement limit?
5. What are the income and credit requirements?
6. Are there exemptions from income and credit requirements?
7. What types of mortgages are eligible for the VA guaranty?
8. What types of property are eligible for the VA guaranty?
9. What is the mortgage funding fee?
10. Can you refinance VA mortgages?
11. Can you do an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) on a delinquent VA-guaranteed mortgage?
12. What are the eligibility requirements for an IRRRL?
13. Does California have a state mortgage program for veterans?
14. How are CalVet mortgages different from VA-guaranteed mortgages?
15. Where can I read more?