1. What is a foreclosure?
2. What is the nonjudicial foreclosure process?
3. May the mortgage holder pursue the homeowner for money losses when the price received at a trustee’s sale is less than the amount owed on the mortgage?
4. How does the homeowner’s type of mortgage debt affect the mortgage holder when foreclosing?
5. What foreclosure alternatives are available to property owners?
6. How does California’s Homeowner Bill of Rights affect the foreclosure process?
7. How is a residential tenant’s lease affected by foreclosure?
8. How does a foreclosure sale affect income tax reporting?
9. Why do some homeowners intentionally default to force the mortgage holder to foreclose?
10. Who maintains the property once it’s been foreclosed?
11. How do foreclosures and the shadow inventory affect the housing market?
12. Where can I read more?