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Eligibility for a CalBRE salesperson license

Before applying for a California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) salesperson license, be sure you’re eligible under CalBRE’s guidelines. If you’re already licensed, send this to friends or family who want to become licensed. To obtain a California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) salesperson license, an applicant needs to meet requirements regarding: age; criminal activity disclosure; pre-licensing education; and the state examination. Minimum requirements The minimum age for CalBRE license applicants is 18. Out-of-state applicants may qualify for a CalBRE salesperson license. Out-of-state applicants are to follow the same licensing requirements as California residents. However, in addition to standard...

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Is a city required to prove its affordable housing fees are reasonably related to public costs caused by a proposed development?

616 Croft Ave. v. City of West Hollywood Facts: A residential developer applies to the city for permits to demolish existing single family residences (SFRs) and construct a condominium project. The project is subject to the local inclusionary housing ordinance requiring developers to either sell or rent a portion of their units at specified below-market rates or pay “in-lieu” fees to fund construction of a proportionate number of affordable units. The developer elects to pay the in-lieu fees “under protest” and the city approves their permit application. Claim: The developer seeks a refund for the in-lieu fees, claiming the...

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How often do you order a criminal background report on your prospective tenants?

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from Letter to the Editor: Tenants with criminal records

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  • John Pursell Ian, You have good intentions, but fail to understand that commercial and industrial property does not move in the same manner as residential property. An... – California’s Prop 13 is broken
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  • G. West Only a young, brainwashed, snowflake could write an article like this. Total propaganda. She cites one of the reasons Prop 13 is broken is that... – California’s Prop 13 is broken
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  • one warner Ian, you have good intentions. But your youth and inexperience does not make your defective logic "commonsense". Chevron is NOT "undertaxed". But if you increase... – California’s Prop 13 is broken
  • one warner Thank you for a much needed history lesson. – California’s Prop 13 is broken

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[M]ost people join CAR in order to obtain the forms, not for the other services. And if there were any viable choices for agents, CAR would immediately suffer as much as a 40% to 50% loss in membership. […] CAR owns the “for profit” company that produces their software, with top officers in CAR sitting in top management spots in ZipLogix. This is the living, breathing definition of a conflict of interest. […] On their website they parade their forms software as “free” when cost of their forms software for non-members as a percentage of their actual membership cost speaks for itself.

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