Educational paradigm shift

You may have noticed all the new videos being added weekly to the firsttuesday Journal over the years and asked yourself: what’s that all about?

Well, all those videos form the foundation of seven brand new Department of Real Estate (DRE)-approved video-based courses for California agents and brokers renewing their license — rollout the red carpet for Video BO-AFTER.

Video BO-AFTER contains Implicit Bias: Video, Office Management and Supervision: Video, Agency: Video, Fair Housing: Video, Trust Funds: Video, Ethics: Video and Risk Management: Video (what we at firsttuesday lovingly refer to as BO-AFTER™).

Just like building a pyramid one limestone brick after another, Video BO-AFTER is the culmination of years of meticulous work, being in some state of active production since May 2017. And now, it is approved by the DRE and ready for your next renewal — get ready to be entertained as you are being educated.

See how it works as part of our DRE-approved 45-hour packages: 

An innovative approach — for you

Video BO-AFTER is one of a kind. It is the first and only video-based version of the DRE-mandated courses required for license renewal every four years. These courses, equaling 20 hours, are taken every four years in conjunction with 25 hours of consumer protection or consumer service which qualifies you to renew your DRE license.

While consumer protection courses can be structured around varied real estate topics, the DRE mandated BO-AFTER™ courses tend to be the driest and most routine part of the renewal process and very familiar to veteran practitioners in the industry.

Surely, there’s a more engaging way to do your continuing education, right?

Right — and firsttuesday has your back.

We have now made the routine aspect of renewal more entertaining with real estate concepts brought to vivid life through dramatic reenactment. Video BO-AFTER™ is a treasure trove of mixed-media content, including video, text, audio and interactive real-time quizzes delivered in an entirely online format. And for those that still like to read (or need a visual reference when testing), a full color e-Book is provided for each component.

And best of all, it is automatically included with all new enrollments in a renewal package — no separate fee, no nickel and diming. Everyone gets the benefit of premium video.

Like all things firsttuesday, Video BO-AFTER™ was created by our in-house team of writers, researchers, videographers, programmers, designers and actors. It is not based on ancient talking head footage from a lecture recorded in a Best Western basement hall from the late ‘90s. It is not “spat out” by generic AI that is ignorant of the nuance of actual real estate practice here in California.

Simply, it is Certified Human-Made: By California Licensees™.

Freshly approved by the DRE, Video BO-AFTER™ comes hot on the heels of its predecessor and 25-hour consumer protection companion: the Video Renewal Course (VRC): Real Estate Made Reel. The 45-hour renewal CE sequel, to borrow Hollywood parlance. The VRC was released in 2021 and has become the preferred choice for renewing licensees, immediately becoming our most popular renewal offering on its Hollywood premier. This indicates a clear preference of licensees thirsting for dynamic multi-media content, education beyond just static printed textbooks. See, hear and interact with the concepts discussed.

Now, your renewal can be entirely video-based when you choose the VRC as your 25-hour companion to the 20-hour Video BO-AFTER™ (package #1001). Yes, your entire 45 hours has finally been brought into the 21st century.

Rest assured, our vast selection of other topic specific options remains available for purchase so you can specialize your education. If you later want to upgrade to the premium video format prior to testing, just pay the difference — your choice.

Video BO-AFTER™ was written and developed by California licensees, and like all things firsttuesday, is 100% specific to California real estate — your practice.

Sneak peek at the course contents

Video BO-AFTER™ is comprised of seven DRE-mandated courses. In addition to the video content, handsomely formatted e-books are also available to students, and free to sample below:


Implicit Bias covers:

  • federal and state fair housing law in the context of explicit and implicit bias
  • the wealth and homeownership gap between white, Black and Latino households; and
  • how they are perpetuated by discriminatory lending and real estate practices.

Office Management & Supervision covers:

  • how real estate brokers are to establish policies for managing their offices and limit their exposure to risk;
  • the tracking of agent activities, records, funds and reports;
  • the appointment and supervision of an office manager; and
  • implementing a successful marketing strategy.

Agency covers:

  • the synonymous relationship between agency and representation in real estate transactions;
  • how a broker who undertakes employment from a client needs to use due diligence; and
  • how to represent the client and meet the client’s purpose for retaining the broker.

Fair Housing covers:

  • the federal and state housing laws which relate to the sale and rental of property;
  • prohibitions against redlining, discriminatory advertising, refusing to show properties and blockbusting; and
  • the interactive participatory component, Access for All: A Fair Housing Game™ which puts you directly into the shoes of transaction participants through engaging video, animation, text and voice.

Trust Funds covers:

  • the management of trust funds;
  • the accounting of trust funds; and
  • the penalties for misuse of trust funds.

Ethics covers:

  • procedures for maintaining professional standards in all real estate transactions;
  • how to disclose a conflict of interest;
  • the accurate representation of mortgage terms; and
  • prohibited practices, such as use of kickbacks, price fixing and restricted multiple listing service (MLS) access.

Risk Management covers:

  • how to recognize, handle and effectively resolve the risk of liability inherent in the practice of real estate related activities;
  • the correct use of forms to make disclosures and present analyses; and
  • how to avoid the errors and omissions which place liability on the broker and their agents.

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Want an additional preview of the content? Watch these binge-worthy sample videos before you head to the premier (buttered popcorn not included):

Want to preview the Video BO-AFTER™ e-Books? Click an image below to download a full PDF.