Of the 201 readers who participated in our recent poll, 70% (140 voters) believed the California Association of Realtors (CAR) does not provide valuable services for their annual dues.

There were passionate arguments from either side. The prevailing voters cited CAR’s monopoly on real estate forms and unfair collection amounts to line the pockets of those on top.

Those who disagreed with the majority referenced such services as free (read: included in annual dues) seminars, lobbying efforts, access to group insurance and access to CAR forms.

Many real estate agents erroneously believe paying CAR membership dues is the only way to join a multiple listing service (MLS). Dispelling myths such as these is one of first tuesday’s missions in educating California real estate agents.

To cast your vote and read the facts on joining an MLS, see the April 2012 first tuesday article, Real(i)ty check: MLS access for non-CAR members