In the Departments of Real Estate’s (DRE’s) transition to the Bureau of Real Estate (the Bureau), their main office in Sacramento is moving.

Effective July 1, 2013, the Bureau’s new office address is:

1651 Exposition Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95815

New P.O. Box numbers and section assignments have also been implemented. Some of the Bureau’s new P.O. Box numbers are:

  • Examination mail: P.O. Box 137001, Sacramento 95813-7001
  • Original license mail: P.O. Box 137002, Sacramento 95813-7002
  • Renewals section: P.O. Box 137003, Sacramento 95813-7003
  • MLO mail: P.O. Box 137008, Sacramento 95813-7008

Additional P.O. Box numbers and section assignments can be found here:

Call Center contact number(s) will not be changing. Licensees and consumers can still contact the Call Center by calling either 1-877-373-4LIC (English) or 1-877-373-4321 (Español).

The DRE’s transition to the Bureau will eventually involve the revision of their forms and website to reflect the name and address changes. However, the transition will be slow. For the time being, the DRE’s website is still up and all mail will be forwarded to the appropriate addresses. The slow change will give everyone ample time to make adjustments, and won’t interfere with license renewals or examinations.

For more information, visit the Bureau’s new website address is at — and don’t forget to update your bookmarks!