Ye don’t want to be soundin’ like a landlubber, do ye?

AHOY! September 19th is talk like a pirate day, yarr! In the spirit of good fun, first tuesday has put toge’er hints and tips for ye own understandin’.


In order to be talkin’ with yer friends on this e’er important day, ye must be sayin’ all the rules right. Before ye start swashbucklin’, read on and thar they be matey.


If ye be a true pirate, be sure to double up on all yer adjectives. The best, most important sailors ne’er say “a big storm”, they say instead it be “a terrible, horrible storm!”


Thar be more rules. Whene’er you speak ne’er, e’er put yer g’s on the end of a word. Always be droppin’ the g on the end of yer words, me hearty.


And finally, for all ye landlubbers, remember ne’er speak in anythin’ but the present tense! Ye will end up in Davy Jones’ Locker if ye e’er be sayin’ “I am” or “They are”!


It be helpin’ to start yer sentence wi’ a “Arr, me hearty,” in a strong, deep voice if ye e’er need help. It be comin’ much easier this way.


Remember matey, don’t be lettin’ those scallywags at yer office fix thar gaze on yer large, amazin’ treasure chest and booty. Yo-ho-ho, shiver me timbers!


Do ye want to be learnin’ more about pirates?


For a great, grand list of piratical-type words, ye need be visitin’