August is:

· National Back to School Month;

· National Psoriasis Month;

· National Investors Month; and

· National Blueberry Month.

August is one of the few months containing no national holidays, meaning no paid days off. We here at first tuesday aren’t pleased about it, but alas, what can we do?

Special dates in August:

8/1 World premiere of MTV (1981)

World War I begins (1914)

8/3 The world’s first nuclear submarine, the American ‘Nautilus’, accomplishes the first undersea voyage to the North Pole (1958)

8/4 15-year-old Anne Frank is captured by the Nazi Gestapo (1944)

8/5 Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her Los Angeles home (1962)

8/6 Artist Andy Warhol is born (1928)

American forces bomb Hiroshima, Japan (1945)

8/8 37th President Richard Nixon resigns in the midst of impeachment proceedings (1974)

8/12 Golfer Jack Nicklaus wins another PGA championship to claim a record-setting 14 major titles (1973)

8/13 Film maker Alfred Hitchcock is born (1899)

8/15 Construction on the Berlin wall begins (1961)

8/16 Elvis Presley dies of a heart attack (1977)

8/23 Silent film actor Rudolph Valentino dies (1926)

8/25 After four years of Nazi occupation, Paris is liberated (1944)

8/26 The 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote is adopted into the US constitution (1920)

8/28 Martin Luther King Jr. delivers the “I Have a Dream” speech to more than 200,000 pepole attending the March on Washington (1963)

8/31 Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in Paris, France following a serious car accident (1997)

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