Have you ever listed or shown a house that was said to be haunted? Happy Halloween!

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In honor of Halloween, we’re revisiting our readers’ spoookiest haunted house showings. Here’s a few from 2012-2016.

Gina writes in an eerie comment:

“I was hosting an open house with another realtor at an old house built over 100 years ago by a female architect. During the open house, another realtor stopped by to say ‘Hi’ and see our listing. She went upstairs to see the house. Shortly after, she ran downstairs and out the door like she had seen a ghost. She got in her car and sped off without saying goodbye. It was very strange. We finished our open house that day and the next day. Three days later, she contacted us to inform us that she had seen an apparition upstairs of an old lady with long white hair and earrings approach her in the bedroom. The old woman was angry and told her to leave. So she did! We learned later that it was the old lady architect that built the house. She died in that home.” (2016)

Catherine has a paranormal tale to add:

“I lived in Northern California on the Sacramento River. A really beautiful Queen Anne Victorian was for sale in a great area of town. The listing agent met my husband and me at the home. She took us on a tour of the home which was partially furnished. We were upstairs in the Master Bedroom and the Agent said that she must disclose to us that the house was haunted. My husband started laughing and at the same time the downstairs piano started playing. All the hairs on our bodies stood up on end and we all ran down the stairs. All the doors were still locked and no one was near the piano. We did not buy the house and the agent then had to admit she knew the house was haunted and used me as a reference. Now sometimes when I am showing houses nothing happens but I feel my hair rising and I have that weird feeling again.” (2016)

Lynne recounts a similar encounter with a twist:

“This one is going to be short. I took someone to see a home in Newport Beach. It was a one story in an expensive neighborhood, with a great location across from a park that backed to a beautiful view of the Back Bay. The house was in fine shape, had good curb appeal, and we walked up to the door, eager to see the inside. As I headed for the lockbox, this strange, eerie, cold feeling all of a sudden hit me and I stopped in my tracks. I asked the woman with me, “Do you feel that?” and she replied, “Yes.”

With some trepidation I opened the door and we went in. The home was furnished, but no one was home. We went from room to room, wondering what the eerie feeling was about. Then we came upon the den. There on the walls were head after head of dead animals from all over the world the occupant had obviously hunted and killed. I don’t know if dead animals have spirits that haunt an area but I’ll never forget that cold, weird feeling that had unexpectedly crept over us. It was the first and only time I’d ever experienced something like that…..and all I can attribute it to was our awareness of the ‘death’ inside. In fact, it even made me wonder if a body was buried somewhere. Needless to say, the woman wanted nothing to do with the house, and we left. To this day I wonder who ended up buying it.” (2012)

Share your ghost stories with us in the comments below. Happy Halloween!


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