U.S. military members and veterans will now receive extra considerations when applying for a real estate salesperson or broker license. Military spouses, who often run into issues maintaining careers due to the constant need to relocate between duty stations, will also be able to complete the licensure process for a real estate license more quickly.

Senate Bill (SB) 800 requires the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to expedite the initial application process for former active duty members. The DRE will now inquire on all applications whether the applicant is or was a member of the armed services. To qualify for the expedited process, the veteran needs to provide the DRE evidence that they served as an active-duty armed service member and were honorably discharged.

This expedited application process is also available for applicants who:

  • are married to or domestically-partnered with an active-duty armed service member when the individual is assigned to a duty station in California; and
  • holds a current real estate license in another state.

The offer of expedited licensure creates a path for honorably discharged members of the military, veterans, and their spouses to have the option of a career path during and post-duty. This is helpful for spouses who need to relocate often, and for those who are in need of a career after their time in service.

This allows service members to shave a lot of time off of the application and process to acquire a license more quickly – creating a streamlined career path for those looking to have their second act.