Marketing homework and positive investor response

A seller’s agent’s objective is to locate a buyer to acquire a property they market for sale. The moment a prospective buyer comes forward, the seller’s agent needs to be able to hand them marketing information relevant to the property’s value in a package which cohesively lays out:

  • the physical attributes and condition of the property;
  • the property’s location, zoning and uses permitted; and
  • the current, and if feasible, anticipated operating figures for the property.

While many individuals will likely respond to the agent’s marketing efforts, only a very few will earnestly consider acquiring the property beyond a fleeting moment glancing at information and data packaged and handed over. For these brief encounters, an agent can methodically increase the odds of retaining a buyer’s attention and receiving a proposal by giving the property life in a marketing package brimming with all the details on its:

  • current profit and loss (P&L) for operations;
  • physical condition; and
  • location.

An attractive package, unquestionably sufficient to fully inform a prudent investor, automatically triggers their setting a price they might value the property for acquisition. A marketing package is built by compiling property operating data in combination with other critical property disclosures. [See the RPI Income Property Brokerage (IPB) suite of forms]

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