Calif. Civil Code § 1940.20, 4750.10
Added by A.B. 1448
Effective date: January 1, 2016

Homeowners associations (HOA) and landlords may not bar or impose unreasonable restrictions on the use of clotheslines or drying racks in an owner’s or tenant’s backyard or private area.

Balconies, railings, awnings, and other parts of the building do not qualify as clotheslines or drying racks.

A tenant using a clothesline or drying rack needs to:

  • obtain the consent of the landlord;
  • prevent the clothesline or drying rack from interfering with health, safety and property maintenance; and
  • adhere to all reasonable time and location restrictions imposed by landlord.

Restrictions that do not significantly increase the cost of using a clothesline or drying rack are still permitted.

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